Cloud Migrations

Does Your Network Run as Smoothly as You Need It To?

Remove the headache from migrating to the cloud with Pure IT’s simple, efficient cloud migration services. We identify a cost-effective, seamless transition strategy designed to improve your business’ operations without heavily increasing the downtime typically associated with cloud migration. When you move your data, applications, and other important elements to the cloud, you need to be sure that your information is secure and your software is still functioning at a high level. With Pure IT, our migration strategy is designed to help you find an ideal cloud solution while still maintaining optimal productivity.  

What Does the Cloud Migration Process Look Like?

Every company has specific aspects that make their cloud migration process a little different. At Pure IT, our job is to make every company’s cloud migration quick, efficient, and cost-effective. We specialize in moving your on-premise Exchange server to a hosted Office 365 solution, as well as migrating your other servers to a cloud-hosted environment in an offsite data center. Our services are tailored to what you specifically need from a cloud solution. Benefits of cloud migration include:

  • Scalable solutions that won’t crumble under high traffic
  • Reduced operation costs and improved processes
  • Quick, simple implementation
  • Minimal downtime
  • Improved cybersecurity

Find the perfect cloud solution for you

Let us do all the heavy lifting for your network’s cloud migration

Wouldn’t You Rather Have a Simple Solution for Your Network?

Whether you want to improve your data security, streamline your data transfer, or shore up your disaster recovery, cloud migration can bolster your IT solutions without compromising productivity and increasing downtime. Pure IT provides seamless cloud migration services that are attuned to your specific needs so that you’re always in the best position to reach an optimal level of performance.