24/7 Monitoring and Support

So you can focus on your business.

Reliable Support, 24 Hours a Day

When it comes to Calgary IT support, you won’t find a better partner than Pure IT. With our computer networking and technical support, you will see that you have more time to focus on the priorities of your business and spend less time worrying about your network. One of the ways that we deliver this support is through 24/7 network monitoring.  

When you come into work first thing in the morning, you need to get right down to the task at hand—the last thing you need is an unforeseen issue with your network putting a stop on your productivity. Pure IT provides 24/7 system monitoring to stay on top of any issues that could attack your network. Our after-hours call center support offers remote assistance with an integrated ticket system, so you’ll always have someone there to help you when you need it. Your whole business is built around you being there for your clients—at Pure IT, we return the favor by being there for you.

Your IT solution should bring you peace of mind

With Pure IT, you don’t have to worry when you go home for the night.

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Business Network Solutions

With Pure IT’s customized network monitoring solutions, you can rest easy knowing that your servers are in safe hands. Whether you’re on the clock or not, we’re there to take care of your operating systems during regular work hours, and beyond, so you can focus on completing projects, meeting with clients, and whatever else goes into your day-to-day. Our network solutions include:

  • Computer networking and technical support
  • Detailed system monitoring
  • Real-time assistance for quick fixes
  • Network traffic monitoring for proactive support
  • Step-by-step remote support
  • Fixed fee billing for reliable service and predictable budgeting.
  • Hourly support for optimal flexibility

These network monitoring software and tools fold into our other services beyond just network solutions. They will also aid us in enhancing our other services like data protection, network security, and IT consulting.

Calgary IT Support

Network administration is a complex task that requires integrating hardware, software, and multiple network devices. We are here to manage those computer systems for you and monitor their performance. Monitoring these systems can tell us quite a bit about your data communication and the level of productivity on your network. Our services will be able to spot inefficiencies or possible disruptions before they become major issues.

If you’re not proactive about protecting your network, your entire system could be in serious jeopardy. Pure IT provides the detailed support your network needs to run smoothly so that you never have to worry about productivity being an issue. Choose a provider you can count on, and contact Pure IT today for the network monitoring you need to stay on task.