Disaster Recovery

What’s your backup plan?

You Can’t Afford to Wait

It might be impossible to know exactly when disaster is going to strike, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan ahead just in case. Pure IT provides customized disaster recovery plans to assist your company with minimal downtime and optimal business continuity, so that you never have to worry about how a natural disaster might affect your workflow or data protection. Whatever it is you need to function normally and continually work for your clients, Pure IT tailors our recovery strategy to deliver everything you need to continue business. Our information security and data backup solutions and cloud recovery strategies make sure that you get back to work without skipping a beat.

Safety Net Disaster Recovery Service

From oil and gas companies to professional service providers—any business concerned about the security of their data can be proactive with Safety Net Disaster Recovery Service. Safety Net backs up your data to a local server automatically without affecting productivity. The system automatically sends updates to a Cloud data center located in Canada, so your business will be fully operational in less than one day following the disaster. With low monthly payments and a low up-front cost, it’s never been easier to protect your data from disaster.

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Don’t Wait Until Disaster Strikes

The worst thing you can do is wait—plan your disaster recovery strategy now, with Pure IT. It’s never too early to have a backup plan in place. Our team of certified experts delivers unique recovery strategies, customized to encompass your business’ unique services and data. You can’t afford to wait—start planning your business continuity and disaster recovery strategy with Pure IT today.