Penetration & Vulnerability Testing

Push the Limits of Your Network Security with Penetration Testing

The only way to identify where your network’s security is coming up short is to put it to the test yourself—don’t wait until hackers and external threats put it to the test for you. Pure IT’s penetration testing and vulnerability assessments simulate a real attack with none of the consequences. You’ll walk away knowing exactly where your current solution is falling short. From there, Pure IT administers a customized network security solution, bolstering the areas we found to be weak spots. Our ethical hacking services are rendered by a CISSP-certified security specialist so that we genuinely put your solution to an objective test with no risk to your network.

If you’re not taking stock of where your network security solution can improve on a regular basis, then you’re already at risk for an intrusion. Pure IT’s penetration test services provide comprehensive vulnerability management so that you’re always aware of where your network is coming up short. Hacking techniques and cyberattacks are constantly evolving—make sure that your cybersecurity solution evolves with them. Once we identify your network’s weak spots, Pure IT provides a customized security solution to plug all the holes that we’ve discovered. Our penetration and vulnerability testing services include simulated events like:

  • Data corruption
  • Prevention
  • Theft
  • Hardware failures
  • Power outages
  • Ransomware and malware
  • Phishing attacks
  • Computer viruses
  • Worms and spam

These tests and assessments will help prevent downtime and prevent fallout like stolen or lost data. These strategies are designed to spot issues before they become problems.on’t let hackers be the one to y

How secure is your network?

Find out with penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.

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What’s the Difference Between Pen Tests and Vulnerability Testing?

Pen tests and vulnerability analysis are two different ways of approaching the same problem. Both of them are excellent ways to beef up your information security, but we think it is important to be transparent with you in explaining the differences between the two tactics.

  • Penetration testing solutions
    • We use penetration testing tools to perform a simulated attack on your network and systems. You will be able to see how your web applications and security features react in real-time. This is like running a fire drill for your web apps and systems, you’ll have a chance to work out the kinks and be better prepared for the future. There are no negative consequences of a pen test. The same can’t be said if hackers and viruses are the first ones to test your defenses.  
  • Vulnerability scans
    • Web vulnerability testing is a less intrusive form of preparation. A network vulnerability scan is a more passive way of assessing your overall security posture. It will examine your defenses and identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited later. 

Penetration tests are a dynamic way of pushing the limitations of your security and vulnerability scans are a static method of looking for weak points. At Pure IT, we believe both of them are critical practices for maintaining a superior security posture. Strategies like this are also sometimes vital parts of maintaining compliance with federal and industry standards. Simply by having them performed, you will be protecting your organization from possible fines and legal fees.

Network Vulnerability Tests Let us Test the Car Before Its on the Road.

Car makers don’t let a vehicle out onto the road until it’s been crash-tested several times. Why should you let your network run without testing its shortcomings? Pure IT’s penetration and vulnerability testing solutions are the easiest way for you to stay ahead of the game. Don’t let a cyberattack be the event that causes you to reconsider your security solution. You don’t want to be in recovery mode while you build new defenses. The consequences of a successful real-world cyber attack can be dire and long-lasting for your business.    

In the same way that experts recommend you routinely take your car in for check-ups, we believe the same is true for your cybersecurity. We suggest that you make penetration testing and vulnerability assessments part of your regular security maintenance. The landscape of technology and cyberthreats is always changing and staying prepared is a year-round task. The hackers and cybersecurity threats out there are not going to stop improving their tactics and neither should you.  

Preventative maintenance is the best maintenance—find a cybersecurity solution you can count on with Pure IT. We are here to take this hassle off your to-do list. Once you partner with Pure IT, you’ll be able to stay on task and have peace of mind that your security is in good hands.