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The rebranded Microsoft 365 is the go-to cloud platform for your business that is seeking to enhance its communication systems and production. Your employees can work remotely from anywhere since all your work-related files, emails, and office programs are hosted on the cloud. The security and reliability of all your file are handled through encryption services despite the misconception that the cloud isn’t safe.

Working without one means, you are missing out on the following amazing capabilities:

  • Collaboration between users and teams. Teams can easily make real-time changes on documents they are working on.
  • Access to new versions of Office without any additional charge
  • It offers impressive and economical subscription plans
  • Availability of mix and match plans. You can choose a tailored package that serves your every need instead of comprising by choosing pre-existing plans
  • Elimination of physical servers thus reducing energy costs
  • Having a reliable back up for all your files and emails
  • It simplifies the scaling up and down of your business.

H3: Are You Optimizing the Advantages of Microsoft 365?

Chances are, you are already using Microsoft 365 but not utilizing its faster and straight forward approach to most of your business needs.

According to ZDNet, Microsoft 365 offers a management dashboard that allows you to manage the subscriptions, licenses, security, and features, and it can be overwhelming with some features being managed by only PowerShell commands. This can be a cumbersome task for you, the organization that does not have SharePoint by its side.

Technology evolves every day, and this translates to new features regularly being added to the platform. Keeping track of these changes and fully implementing them poses a challenge to you and most likely may opt to continue working with your existing systems since they work for you. In the long run, you miss out on the production value it adds to your business.

As your business grows, the magnitude of information in your networks also grows, and this will finally catch up with you. Challenges such as retrieving data for future use becomes a challenge and slows you down. In addition to this, all that data goes to waste because you cannot comprehensively analyze and make predictions and changes that will go a long way to impact your business.

Microsoft 365 may host all your files on the cloud, but it cannot track every single change in a file, thus denying you the freedom of rolling back to previous versions of the document.

For general communication within the organization, it limits you to using emails only, and it does not offer a noticeboard kind of portal to help in displaying important messages to the whole organization.

SharePoint Offers

SharePoint is a document management and collaboration tool developed by Microsoft. Its integration with Microsoft 365 boosts its existing capabilities unlocking your full production potential.

SharePoint offers the following enhancements:

  • Tracks your folders and documents. Hosting your files online isn’t enough; SharePoint tracks all the changes you have ever made to a file or folder, helping you have a detailed reference to the process that leads to the final output.
  • Offers a common message center. It helps you bypass the process of sending everyone an email and messages by giving you the option to post a single message that everyone can easily access.
  • SharePoint is highly customizable, offering you the ability to tailor it to your specific organizational needs.
  • It maps out all your information on the cloud storage and makes it easily accessible across all your devices.
  • It enhances the security to your network. This is achieved through enhanced authentication services, changing access rights to different users, among other features. Its association with Microsoft ensures secure cloud storage.
  • Managing content has been made easier. You can easily schedule tasks such as publishing articles, posting on social media platforms, or sending emails.
  • SharePoint can analyze every interaction between all players in your organization that can help you formulate new strategies and enhance your productivity rate.
  • Searching for information within the system is optimized and fastens the time for retrieving files for your ease of reference.

The newer version has an improved mobile integration system. You receive a highly organized intranet portal that adds to your cloud features. The easy integration with Microsoft 365 enables you to receive newer versions and features without delay. These numerous advantages should have now convinced you that your business should integrate SharePoint to supplement your existing systems.

How Will Sharepoint Specialists in Calgary Add Value to Your Business?

You cannot get exactly what you are looking for straight out of the box. You need Sharepoint Specialists in Calgary to configure a tailored solution that will handle every single aspect of your business. We will automate your business process and create SharePoint content management solutions.

A working system needs good management, and we will offer that and also train your employees on the basics of SharePoint for a streamlined process. With a 24/7 support system, we are top-rated Sharepoint Specialists in Calgary who cater to all our users’ needs and any problems they may encounter.

We design and implement suitable SharePoint workflows that suit your needs as well as creating collaborative platforms that link you to your clients. We offer seamless migrations to the SharePoint systems. Putting us in charge of your SharePoint management leaves other productive members of your team to handle other essential services of your business.

About Pure IT: Top-Rated Sharepoint Specialists in Calgary

We are a company with a vast 20-year experience in offering world-class IT services. Our services are focused on emerging and medium-sized businesses. We provide world-class IT support and IT services across Alberta in the following areas, Edmonton, Airdrie, Red Deer, and Calgary.

Services offered include:

  • Cloud migrations
  • Network security
  • Outsourced IT support
  • Managed IT services
  • Product support

Reach out to Pure IT today to align your IT goals with your vision by getting the most out of combining Microsoft 365 and SharePoint.

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