At Pure IT, we’re committed to staying ahead of the latest cybersecurity threats and security vulnerabilities to keep your network protected from internal and external threats. As a part of that commitment, we partner with the cybersecurity specialists at Sophos to design and deploy the most robust network security platforms available on the market today. Whether you need to defend one device or one thousand, Sophos offers scalable solutions to protect your network cost-effectively at every level.

In this post, we’ll explore the key benefits of working with Sophos and how they’re revolutionizing the cybersecurity industry.

Real-Time Scanning

Sophos solutions offer the ability to scan and monitor your network in real-time. All files that are written or read on your server can be automatically scanned for malicious threats and then automatically quarantined or deleted when detected. These real-time scanning capabilities prevent malicious code from spreading on your system to protect against network-wide threats like malware and ransomware. More in-depth scans can also be scheduled to occur at regular intervals to provide an additional layer of security.

Streamlined Updates

Ensuring your antivirus solution has the most up-to-date virus definition is critical to protecting your network. Sophos makes it easy to ensure your software stays up-to-date with minimal signature updates that are automatically downloaded from a global network of threat analysis centers.

Deep Learning Capabilities

Sophos firewall systems not only isolate and stop threats in their tracks, but they also integrate Deep Learning technology to catch malware that’s never even been seen before. With an intuitive firewall solution, Sophos systems can keep you protected from network security threats the rest of the industry doesn’t even know about yet.

Cybersecurity Optimized for the Cloud

In today’s world, migrating your network operations to the cloud has become an integral part of preparing for the challenges of tomorrow. However, with the scalable capabilities of a cloud solution comes a new set of security challenges. That means as you transition to a cloud platform, you need to refine and optimize your cybersecurity strategies for success on the cloud. Sophos specializes in cloud-centric cybersecurity platforms that use threat intelligence and automation to simplify compliance and guarantee your mission-critical data stays protected.

Centralized Control

If you operate multiple networks, it can be challenging to track and manage the security strategies you’re using across networks. Sophos makes it easy to oversee every aspect of your network or networks with centralized solutions that offer a single point of control while covering every aspect of your network security needs.

Schedule Your Network Security Audit Today

If you’re ready to take a proactive approach to defending your network from the latest security threats, contact the experts at Pure IT today. We’ll start our partnership with a holistic security audit that clarifies your network strengths, vulnerabilities, and cybersecurity goals. With robust penetration and vulnerability testing capabilities, we can then design and deploy customized security strategies while ensuring you’re protected from anything cybercriminals may throw at your network.