8 Cybersecurity Trends To Watch Out For in 2021

After 2020, a year full of ups and downs, 2021 is finally here with us. With it comes to the hope of a brighter future, but there is still a long road ahead. As technology continues to develop, the number of threats and risks has increased. According to research, global cybersecurity threats will cost $6 trillion annually in 2021. As organizations embrace the new normal, here are the cybersecurity trends that you should watch out for in 2021.

1. Work from home attacks

Remote work has changed how organizations around the world operate. The trend does not show any sign of slowing down. Remote work is here to stay. Most employees are using broadband connections for both work and personal which increases vulnerabilities for organizations. For organizations to be successful, they need to implement security tools to keep remote access secure. Organizations need to double their security with tools that can analyze user activity, corporate connective habits, and resource requests to streamline the sign-in.

2. Automotive hacking

There will be a rise in automotive hacking. Nowadays, vehicles come with automated software that creates seamless connectivity for engine timing, airbags, door lock, advanced systems, and cruise control. Most vehicles use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies for communication. Such technologies open doors for vulnerabilities from hackers. As the use of automated vehicles increases, there will be an increase of hackers gaining control of the vehicle.

3. Cloud vulnerability

As more and more organizations establish in the cloud, it’s vital to continuously monitor the security measures to stay safe from data leaks. Even though cloud applications like Microsoft and Google are secure, the user end will pose great risks. User end will be a source for malicious software, erroneous errors, and phishing attacks.
Remote employees can’t work without using cloud applications. Companies have been adopting tools that make it easy to do business as usual. As companies migrate to the cloud, there has been an increase in security threats. Reduced visibility, poorly configured cloud storage, cloud phishing attempts, and incomplete data deletion are some of the biggest problems organizations face in the remote model.

4. Data breaches

Data is a primary concern for organizations all over the world. Protecting data is crucial for both individuals and organizations. A minor flaw in an organization’s system is a vulnerability for hackers.

5. Artificial intelligence integration

Artificial intelligence is being introduced into market segments. Artificial intelligence combined with machine learning has brought changes in cybersecurity. Artificial intelligence is used in natural language processing, automated security systems, automatic threat detection, and face detection. AI is also being used in developing smart malware that can bypass security protocols. Having AI-enabled detection systems will make it easy for organizations to predict attacks when they happen.

6. Extended detection and response (XDR)

Remote working has led to an increase in data breaches. There will be an increase in the Extended detection and response to collect data automatically from multiple endpoints and correlate data to detect the threats faster and lead to quick response.

7. Ransomware

Ransomware is a cybersecurity threat that can’t be ignored. Data theft and ransomware will continue in all sectors. Industries that rely on specific software for running their daily activities at high risk of ransomware attacks.

8. Insider threats

With remote work, global organizations have been unable to identify insider threats. The threats are due to weak passwords, unauthorized remote access, unsecured networks, and misuse of personal devices. There will be an increase in insider threats with time.

Cybersecurity tech keeps emerging and organizations need to have a proactive IT security position. It’s a vital step to keep businesses secure. If you want to keep your organization safe from the above cybersecurity trends, then you should reach out to us. Pure IT has experience in cybersecurity and will protect your organization from vulnerabilities. contact us

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