Pure IT Provides Windows Server 2022 Support For Calgary Businesses

Recently, Microsoft announced some details of Windows Server 2022, and there is plenty to unpack. Windows Server 2022 will come with numerous key features, such as hotpatching and virtualization-based security (VBS). Windows Server 2022 will allow users to leverage the cloud to increase uptime and keep virtual machines current. Windows Server 2022 also introduces enhanced security features, and this is a great even if you are not particularly concerned about security.

Windows Server now has an Azure edition, and this is in part due to Microsoft‘s push to promote Azure as the main platform for hosting the 2022 release. The integrated edition provides access to features that are not available outside the cloud and Azure Stack. Users can also expect amplified integration with numerous cloud services.

Windows Server 2022 Features

Connection Security

Users will have faster and more secure connectivity with Windows Server 2022  because it enables TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.3 by default. As a result, obsolete cryptographic algorithms will be eliminated and the security of older versions will be enhanced. This will also ensure that data transmitted back and forth between client and server will be encrypted as much as possible. With Windows Server 2022 being the latest version of one of the most deployed security protocols, this is a great thing.

Better Support For Containers

Containers will continue to be one of the key points that Microsoft focuses on as they are substantially used in today’s software development, and Microsoft will continue to their push to make tools and applications that are simple and cost-effective. Containers are the building blocks of a broad spectrum of applications and services. Windows Server 2022 will offer enhanced Group Managed Service Accounts support that will not require domain joining the host, unlike the current model.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Windows Server 2022 will have improved disaster recovery because of the improved features of Windows Server Storage Replica, and this will allow Azure Stack HCI to run across various sites. Some improvements users can expect to find in Windows Server 2022 include the ability to automatically detect nodes using active directory and IP addresses, and the ability to make automatic adjustments in the event of cluster failure.

Exploit Protection

Hardware innovations continue to be critical components when we talk about exploit mitigation — and Windows Server 2022 will leverage this. The enhanced offerings in Windows Server 2022 will ensure the servers will be more vigorous and more resistant to dangerous hacking activities.

Memory protection

The enhanced memory protection in Windows Server 2022 will help secure technologies that store confidential data in memory.

Performance Solutions

Windows Server 2022 will provide enhanced performance monitoring solutions. Users will be able to create their own performance views and access information in real time from servers from the Admin Centre.

Hybrid Cloud and Azure Arc

Improvements to the Hybrid Cloud capabilities will be improved under Windows Server 2002 as Microsoft continues to bring about changes in Azure Arc. Azure Arc allows users to manage Windows Server on-premise in multi-cloud environments from a comprehensive control panel.  This integration will pave the way for a streamlined management experience, and this will ultimately ensure a consistent flow with Azure virtual machine administration.

Cryptocurrency Protection

As we look ahead, we anticipate that Windows Server 2022’s new features will include much-needed security protection for cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency industry continues to significant threats from cybercriminals. Cybercriminals are aware of the incentives that are waiting for them if they are successful with their attacks, and this is why it is so important to have this type of protection in Windows Server 2022.

Microsoft Edge

Windows Server 2022 installations will come reinstalled with the new Microsoft Edge Browser. This move makes sense as Microsoft continues to enhance its desktop experience, eventually eliminating Internet Explorer completely.

We understand that no system will be error-free or completely secure, especially with the advanced and sophisticated tools that hackers are using on a daily basis. Hackers will always look for an entryway into a system or server. However, the improvements that are being made and the features that you can expect to see in Windows Server 2022 should make you feel more secure.

Cybercriminals will always look for easy ways to take advantage of Active Directory environments and user accounts. When you have a better security foundation, like the one that will be provided in Windows Server 2022, your business or organization can expect to have greater protection for its Active Directory assets.

Pure IT: Helping Calgary Businesses Upgrade To Windows Server 2022

As more businesses and organizations continue to do their research on Windows Server 2022, many businesses and organizations will be preparing to upgrade their current infrastructure to include Windows Server 2022 on-premises Active Directory domain controllers. Using the new features in the  Windows Admin Centre under Windows Server 2022, users will have the best integration and interactions with Azure when compared to the other server operating systems.

It is Microsoft’s hope that more people will get on board with Azure cloud. The enhancements and new integrations with Azure will make it easier for Windows Server 2022 users to get what they need in the form of an on-premise operating system with all the features and capabilities that are offered by Azure.

One of the main reasons businesses and organizations do not upgrade their tools, services, and applications is the lack of staff. Fortunately, this does not have to be the case for your business. Pure IT offers a variety of IT solutions, including strategic technology advice. Regardless of what you need to get your Calgary or Southern Alberta business back on track, we can help. Our experts can help with overall strategy and implementation.

Pure IT’s experts are here to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have about Windows Server 2022. We are also here to ensure you are in the best position to upgrade to Windows Server 2022. Contact Pure IT today for more information on Windows Server 2022 and how the new features and enhancements can transform your business. Schedule your free assessment today by calling us at (403) 444-1800.

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