Top 3 Ways You Can Improve Productivity with Microsoft 365 Consulting In Calgary

Your business suffers when you’re struggling with basic IT operations. Everything from a slow network to aging computers can introduce technical challenges that hold your team back from success. If your teams are still working on outdated software or previous versions of your productivity suite, it may be time to find a Microsoft 365 consultant in Calgary to review your current implementation and see if it’s time for an upgrade. You may not think of your technology team as having a pivotal role in the employee experience, but maintaining secure and consistent operations is the foundation for long-term success. Don’t allow your teams to suffer through having a productivity and telecommunications stack that no longer meets the needs of your evolving enterprise.

Microsoft 365 Adds Value to Your Business

Many companies find that their internal IT teams are unable to find time to focus on internal workflows or software consolidation strategies, particularly with the many competing demands on their time. When you partner with a Microsoft 365 consulting team in Calgary, you’ll discover a wealth of benefits for your business. From encouraging engagement between team members with enhanced communications platforms to reducing the steps required to perform everyday tasks, your Microsoft 365 consulting team is dedicated to improving efficiencies and revenue for your business.

Consolidate Communications to Enhance Team Engagement

Are your team members currently utilizing multiple platforms for communications? As new solutions emerge, it’s not unusual for teams to adopt individual videoconferencing or chat platforms, for instance. When IT administrators discover that there are new software platforms being introduced within their ecosystem, it can certainly create negative feelings across business units. Providing all teams with a secure, reliable, and trusted communications platform such as Microsoft 365 helps reduce the possibility that teams will need to go elsewhere to find software solutions.

Boost Security with Connected Applications

Security is a hot-button topic for Canadian companies, with over 7,700 victims in 2018 alone. Many of these cyber crimes were committed via text-messaging applications or email, making a strong case for using interconnected technology such as Microsoft 365 as the foundation for your business communications and productivity. Reducing the time spent on shifting files between teams and customers and improving collaboration will all help make the case for enhanced productivity that can be found with implementing Microsoft 365.

Create Efficiencies with Streamlined Workflows

A recent Microsoft study showed that productivity can be boosted by up to 40% when staff members are working from home — but that assumes that these workers have the right tools for the job. If staff members spend their time unsuccessfully attempting to access remote software packages or servers, finding passwords and files, this is all time that they are not able to be productive. The inclusive Microsoft 365 infrastructure not only makes administration easier for IT professionals but also significantly streamlines workflows across teams through the use of shared tools.

Whether you are worried about the long-term security and viability of your employees working from home or are simply looking for solutions to boost productivity, the team at Pure IT has the solutions that you need. Our team of highly-training and qualified IT professionals works with organizations of all sizes, providing the proactive and dedicated Microsoft 365 consulting in Calgary that you deserve. Contact our Pure IT experts at 403-444-1800 to schedule your free initial assessment or reach out via email to anytime.

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