Poor Cybersecurity Will Cost You Clients

Once your clients find out you’re vulnerable, they won’t stick around for long. That was the case for this legal firm—until they got in touch with Pure IT.


Our newest client: a 16-person law firm operating out of downtown Calgary.

The Problem

This firm’s managing partner was panicking—they were going to lose their biggest client (a major Canadian bank) unless they could demonstrate their commitment to cybersecurity.

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Poor Cybersecurity

This Firm Had Serious Problems That Needed Immediate Attention

  1. They needed to assess and improve their cybersecurity.
  2. They needed to be able to show their financial industry clients that they were capable of protecting their data.
  3. They needed this taken care of right away.

The Solution

This Calgary law firm got in touch with the Pure IT team through our website. Once they explained their predicament, we arranged for a penetration test to assess the state of their security.

In the course of the test, we identified a key vulnerability, which we remediated with proven cybersecurity solutions and processes. We’ve provided a full, detailed report of the testing process and the improved state of their cybersecurity.

The firm’s leadership took this “clean bill of health” to their Canadian banking client, and managed to keep their business.

How Pure IT Solved Their Problem

Our team acted quickly, immediately arranging for the specific services and support this legal firm required. We did not try to upsell them on any additional solutions, understanding that time was of the essence.

In the end, they were so impressed with our assistance that they chose to hire Pure IT full-time for IT support and our enhanced cybersecurity service suite.

We can solve your IT problems too—get in touch with our team to get started today.