The Silver Partner Program—What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

When it comes to business technology, Microsoft is the leading force for everything you need. The technology powerhouse has been responsible for helping people and businesses realize their full potential since 1975, and Pure IT is fully committed to keeping that mission alive. As Microsoft-certified specialists, we specialize in helping companies stand out from the competition.

With more than two decades of experience under our belts, we’ve built a proven reputation for aligning unique business strategies to the market’s most innovative solutions, and our credentials speak for themselves. We proudly meet the necessary Microsoft silver partner requirements year after year. With Pure IT, you’re not just getting the support of one of the top 5% of Microsoft partners in the world; more importantly, you’re getting a fully competent team of problem solvers working to serve your greatest needs.

Features and Benefits

Being in the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) comes with a slew of benefits for employees, partners, and customers alike. And Pure IT will make sure you secure that maximum value for years to come. Our Microsoft support programs come with a range of competencies across various product areas. Whether it’s the entire Office 365 suite, the latest version of a Windows Operating System (OS), or just a specific Office program, we’ll be there to help you gain long-term momentum.

When you work with us, you’ll be able to take advantage of the following solutions:

  • Ongoing Technical Training: It’s our job to keep you ahead of the curve. We sharpen your skills in the latest technology with in-depth training sessions.
  • Automated Upgrades: Don’t get stuck in the dark with obsolete technology. Sign up for our Microsoft subscription program for complete updates on the latest solutions and applications.
  • Office 365 Support: Take advantage of an all-in-one solution that includes your favorite productivity tools, dynamic CRM, and user-friendly communication channels.
  • New Product Demos: Pure IT gives your team a close glimpse of today’s most innovative solutions. Try out top-of-the-line Microsoft technology before officially bringing it in house.
  • Technology Deployment: Whether you’re downsizing to a more comfortable office or bringing more people on the team, we make it easy for you to scale your environment appropriately.
  • Cloud Connectivity: We protect all Microsoft information in real-time. Our specialties include cloud migration, data storage, and recovery support.

Invest in quality and innovation!

Don’t settle for inferior technology—contact Pure IT to take advantage of an all-inclusive Microsoft support program.

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Why Partner With Pure IT?

  • Dedicated Representatives: Efficiency shouldn’t come with a wait time. Eliminate pushy upselling and get accelerated support when you need it most. Just press one button and you’ll instantly be connected with a tech agent.
  • In-House Tech Support: Your time is our commodity, and we work tirelessly in preserving it. Our fully-staffed support team is ready to address matters so you’re not wasting precious minutes sitting on hold.
  • Long-Term Cost Savings: With Pure IT, you’ll never have to break the bank on an unnecessary service. Take advantage of a flexible solution for a competitive price and give your balance sheet more breathing room.
  • Peace of Mind: At the end of the day, we’re in business to serve you. We bring a wealth of experience to every project. When we’re in your corner, you’ll have more than 20 years of industry-leading experience helping you overcome your greatest technical hurdles.

Superior Technical Support Is Just One Call Away

Want to know how to maintain a long-term competitive edge? Partner with the Microsoft experts at Pure IT and gain the skills and competency to keep your business ahead of the curve. Whether you need help migrating data to Office 365 or just want to update your infrastructure with the latest Microsoft products, you can count on our team of problem solvers to meet your demands in a seamless and efficient manner.

Discover the benefits of working with Pure IT today.

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