Construction IT Services and Solutions For Calgary & Southern Alberta Firms

The construction industry relies on specific software and platforms to fulfill its needs. Unlike common projects, the construction industry must follow security, regulatory, and other requirements that must be handled by solutions designed for the construction industry.

The construction sector faces various challenges, making it even more important to have the proper tools and resources. Construction companies use applications and resources that likely will not be found in other businesses. The construction industry is unique, from specific project management software and construction estimating software to CAD programs.

The construction industry consists of numerous workers who have responsibilities in the office and out in the field. Communication and collaboration in the construction industry can be quite challenging. However, this is a requirement when building a new shopping mall. Engineers, architects, foremen, and others must work together in real-time, even when they are not in the same office.

Due to the distinguishing nature of the construction industry, managed service providers (MSPs) need to understand this industry. While any provider could offer your construction business the basic level of service, you will miss out on key services that could completely transform your business. Partnering with a managed IT provider that understands the construction business will not cost you more.

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Partnering With A Construction IT Services Company Like Pure IT

Regardless of the size of the construction company you are running, whether it is small, mid-size, or large, it can certainly benefit from partnering with an IT company, including the following:

  • Providing the support your construction company needs for the technologies that are being used to run your critical applications, such as project management, estimating, accounting, document management, and more
  • Access to cybersecurity systems and services that are powerful enough to protect your users and data from cyber threats and cyberattacks
  • Access to experienced and specialized staff who have extensive experience with supporting software
  • Access to backup and disaster recovery solutions
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Do You Have An In-House IT Team?

Many construction companies do have their own dedicated in-house IT team. However, it may become a little more challenging to justify having an in-house IT team as time passes. Why? You will not only need to dedicate space for your IT team to operate, but you will also need to dedicate the latest technology for your IT team to be more efficient and effective. You will also need to have the financial resources to pay each IT team member, including perks and benefits.

A solution that more construction companies rely on is having a small in-house IT team instead of a full in-house IT team to tackle small issues and partnering with a managed service provider (MSP) to handle larger projects. This will allow in-house IT teams to focus more on other projects while still having the support and experience of professionals working on the IT infrastructure.

What IT Services Are Used In The Construction Industry?

IT Assessments

Our professionals will provide a comprehensive view of the current state of your IT infrastructure. Our assessments will identify potential risks, determine if your current IT infrastructure aligns with your business goals, and advise your leaders on any opportunities that can be used to improve your construction business.

We have developed IT assessments for construction companies across Western Canada, and our assessments will allow your business to successfully implement more effective and efficient IT functions that will allow you to remove unnecessary technology-related costs while not limiting your performance.

Microsoft 365 Migrations 

Due to the nature of the construction industry, there will usually be a need to have several sites spread that can reach potential clients in different cities, and this is where cloud-based integration will come into play. Cloud backup solutions reduce the risk of cybersecurity threats and costs while allowing easier access to mobile devices. Microsoft 365 migrations and licensing will be easy and smooth with Pure IT.

File Sharing Solutions

File-sharing solutions are needed to allow only users who have been authorized the ability to share and sync files among a variety of devices. Since the construction industry will generally require both internal and external file sharing to clients or professionals who are not all a part of the construction sector, construction companies will need to partner with an IT provider that provides systems designed for safe file sharing.

Workflow Mapping

Workflow mapping will allow IT specialists and experts to find what solutions are better suited to address IT-related problems that impact the day-to-day performance of your construction company. Our plans are designed to help implement advancements and automate processes that can upgrade your construction company’s IT infrastructure.

Why Trust Pure IT For Your Calgary Construction Company IT Services?

Numerous factors will impact your construction business and your bottom line. It does not matter if it is something that every construction company faces, such as problems with the delivery of materials, weather delays, permit delays, or problems with the equipment, or if it is one of the more challenging issues, such as the discovery of bones or artifacts during construction work, there will be challenges and complications.

As you keep this in mind, and the other things you will encounter, partnering with a managed IT service provider will give you peace of mind that one of the most crucial aspects of your business, your IT infrastructure, is being taken care of.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution that will fulfill the ends of every business. The construction industry has specific needs and requirements that need to be met. This is why it is important to partner with a managed service provider who has experience in the construction industry and knows that technology is needed and how the technology should be used to ensure compliance.

Construction IT Services In Calgary By Pure IT

Your construction business has a variety of needs, and the Pure IT team can address those needs by providing services and solutions that will not only meet your needs but also help you succeed. Are you ready to be introduced to innovative IT services and solutions? Contact us today for your free assessment and more information about our construction IT services.

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