We Offer a Business-Driven Tailored Approach to Cybersecurity Management

  • Do you have trouble proactively detecting advanced threats and nullifying attacks?
  • Are you looking to elevate your existing cybersecurity platform?
  • Do you need next-level IT security services to minimize your vulnerabilities?

Today’s businesses need to prioritize cybersecurity to protect critical client data and secure private staff information. The potential for severe security breaches keeps growing as phishing attempts, malware, and ransomware evolve. A proactive cybersecurity approach is sure to protect business-critical data, helping your company build trust with clients.

Pure IT offers reliable managed security services in Calgary that strengthen your cybersecurity posture. We deliver a proactive approach to cybersecurity, complete with top-notch threat detection and remediation tactics. Count on us for best-in-class security strategies, including intrusion detection, automated threat intelligence, vulnerability assessments, and 24/7 security monitoring.

Managed Security Services In Calgary
Calgary Managed Security Services

How Can Your Business Benefit From our Managed Security Services?

At Pure IT, we offer efficient managed security services in Calgary to help you deal with evolving ransomware threats. Our security team can monitor your network for unusual activity and support you in implementing robust security tools. With our hands-on security approach, your team can resolve vulnerabilities and minimize expensive downtime.
Our experienced security experts can work with you to set up a cost-effective yet robust network security platform. We can customize our managed security services in Calgary to match your specific business needs. Count on us to boost your ability to respond to security incidents. Leverage multiple benefits from our security services, including:

  • Compliance with industry requirements
  • Rapid responses to security issues
  • Detect, resolve, and prevent cyber attacks
  • Tailor-made security solutions that match your business needs
  • Cost-effective in-house monitoring

Pure IT Managed Security Services

At Pure IT, we understand that your organization needs to create an integrated security strategy that serves you now and into the future. Partner with us for robust managed security solutions in Calgary, including:

IT Security Consulting

Pure IT offers advanced security services, including employee awareness training, penetration testing, and vulnerability assessments. Our cybersecurity experts ensure that your organization can adapt and thrive in today’s evolving threat landscape. We deliver security expertise that extends your capabilities to find threat-driven insight into your security plans. Count on us for:

  • Strategic security insights
  • Risk management and program development
  • Guidance on cybersecurity compliance gaps remediation
Cybersecurity Services In Calgary

For nearly 10 years, Pure IT has supported and kept up with our business every step of the way – including during times of chaotic growth, as well as major projects such as moving into a new facility.  I have no hesitations recommending Pure IT.



Threat Event Monitoring

Find timely and accurate reports on security-relevant issues within your system. With our solutions, your team can respond better to valid threats and secure your business-critical assets. We’ll also help you identify abnormal behaviour patterns and analyze threat events to reveal impact and priority. Our solutions will help you:

  • Enhance your organizational security
  • Maximize your return on investment
  • Resolve advanced threats with ease

Managed Vulnerability Assessments

Count on us to offer a comprehensive view of your organization’s risk profile. Our expert team will scan your servers, workstations, applications, and appliances for vulnerabilities. These scans enable you to anticipate and minimize known system vulnerabilities, enhancing your security posture. We also provide recommendations to help you fortify your network’s security. Partner with us for:

  • Flexible plans to schedule scans in advance or on-demand
  • Consistent vulnerability scans that reveal security gaps
  • Detailed reports to guide your remediation strategy

Stop Elusive Ransomware and Costly Data Breaches with Reliable Managed Security Services

Pure IT delivers robust managed security services in Calgary to minimize your tech infrastructure’s risk exposure. With over two decades in the IT industry, we have the technical expertise needed to enhance your existing security solutions and cover your evolving security needs. Contact us today!

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