Air Partners and Pure IT Calgary: A Collaboration for Excellence

In private aviation, two names often come to the forefront in Calgary: Air Partners and Pure IT. Both entities have crafted a reputation for excellence in their respective sectors, but together, they represent an unmatched synergy of service and safety. This case study delves deep into how Pure IT, an information technology company based in Calgary, has been a linchpin in supporting the unwavering mission of Air Partners for more than a decade.

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Air Partners: Soaring to New Heights

When it comes to executive private aviation services, few rival Air Partners. With a sole focus on providing a bespoke experience for their clientele, Air Partners is more than just a service provider; they are a solution to the multifaceted challenges of private aviation.

But what makes Air Partners genuinely exceptional is their commitment to safety. Operating in Canada—a country renowned for its rigorous aviation standards—they boast one of the highest safety ratings nationally. Their compliance with Transport Canada’s stringent regulations is a testament to this commitment. Furthermore, the certifications they have received, like ARGUS Platinum, ISBAO, and Contrail, only amplify their dedication to maintaining an impeccable safety record.

However, while Air Partners has consistently managed to stay airborne and ahead of their competition, there was an aspect of their operation that required a specialized touch: their IT infrastructure.

The Pure IT Revolution

Enter Pure IT. Since 2011, they have been the silent backbone supporting Air Partners’ digital and technical endeavours. The initial scenario wasn’t ideal—Air Partners operated with a sizable on-premise server infrastructure. These servers, specifically the Microsoft Server 2003 and Server 2008, had ended their life cycle. With internal support being largely shouldered by Chris, an employee, the increasing demand was evident. Chris’ time was being spread too thin, a situation Vik Saini, the President of Air Partners, wanted to remedy.

The solution was straightforward but transformative. Pure IT introduced an HPE DL380 G10 Host Server infused with Server 2022 virtual machines. This was accompanied by installing a redundant XG210 Firewall and state-of-the-art Meraki switches.

But Pure IT’s involvement continued. They ensured that the entirety of Air Partners was enveloped under the Pure IT NetCare Fixed Fee Managed Services plan, a comprehensive package that guarantees unhindered IT support. A robust cybersecurity stack is added, including Datto SaaS, Sophos MDR, Cisco Duo, Dark Web monitoring, and Cisco Umbrella for DNS filtering.

Moreover, to bolster business continuity and offer an impregnable line of defense against potential IT catastrophes, Pure IT incorporated the Datto BCDR. This system ensures business continuity and disaster recovery, two vital cogs in the seamless operations of Air Partners.

Voices from the Field: Vik Saini Speaks

Vik Saini, the President of Air Partners, encapsulates the transformation succinctly: “Our collaboration with Pure IT has not only revolutionized our IT infrastructure but has also instilled a newfound confidence in our team. Knowing that we are operating with the best hardware, fortified by top-tier cybersecurity measures, and have a disaster recovery system in place is reassuring. This peace of mind lets us focus on what we do best—providing unparalleled aviation services.”


In private aviation, where every second counts and the margin for error is razor-thin, Air Partners has found an ally in Pure IT. Together, they represent a synergy of service and safety—a collaboration that elevates Air Partners’ operational capabilities and underscores the role of cutting-edge IT solutions in modern business ecosystems.

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Air Partners and Pure IT A Collaboration for Excellence

Air Partners and Pure IT
A Collaboration for Excellence

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