Pure IT: Helping Calgary Businesses With Windows 11

Many users thought that Windows 10 was going to be the final big name for Windows, at least that’s what Microsoft lead people to believe. Now things are changing, as the operating system many of us have been using since its launch date, will no longer receive updates after 2025. The days of Windows 10  are numbered. At a virtual event in June, Microsoft shared pieces of its vision for its future operating system. According to Microsoft, Windows 11 will be a more open and simpler platform.

The last few years have not always been great for Windows. While the operating system still has a significant market share, it has also experienced challenges along the way. Windows 8 was meant to be Microsoft’s groundbreaking new approach to the desktop, combining the touch interface with the more traditional desktop. However, Windows 8 was met with varied opinions, prompting an earlier than expected launch of Windows 10.

Microsoft has also been battling significant competition from Apple devices Google’s Chromebooks, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, as more businesses and households were on the hunt for devices that were more affordable and easier to manage. However, Microsoft did not crumble under pressure, and it still has a significant share in the market. Microsoft has been hinting at an October 2021 release date for Windows 11 and is aiming for the new operating system to take over as quickly as possible.

Windows 11 New Features

Windows 11 is expected to play to some of the strengths of its biggest competitors. Apple and Samsung continue to make enhancements and improvements in their devices, and it seems that Microsoft is planning to take things a step further.

There continue to be conversations surrounding Windows 11, particularly the visual changes that Microsoft has discussed. For example, the Start menu in Windows 11 will be moved from the corner to the centre. The Live tiles will no longer be available by default in the Start menu, in favour of a Start menu that resembles the Google Chrome launcher, but users will be able to re-enable the Live tiles if they choose.

Regarding updates, Microsoft promises to make the security updates less intrusive. When there are Windows 11 updates, the updates will not be as large and the updates will run in the background. Another change that users can expect to find in Windows 11 is the addition of Android apps. With the anticipated changes, this should show users that Microsoft has been paying attention to what has been working and what has not been working.

Collaboration in Windows 11

One of the key aspects discussed during the Windows 11 event in June was Microsoft’s new level of integration with various platforms, including the Microsoft Teams platform. Microsoft announced that users will be able to launch Microsoft Teams from the Windows 11 taskbar. In Windows 11, the Microsoft Teams application will be enhanced, improving its efficiency and effectiveness. In Windows 11, users can quickly participate in chats and meetings with one touch or click.

Security in Windows 11

From the updates and enhancements being made by Microsoft, it seems that Windows 11 will be the most secure operating system developed by Microsoft. As a result, we anticipate that businesses and organizations in Calgary and Southern Alberta will have their sets set on the new operating system.

Although Microsoft has yet to provide hard data, Microsoft has stated that startup times in Windows 11 will be faster than its predecessors. The speed of web browsing is also expected to be much better, and this will apply to more than browsing the web on the Microsoft Edge browser. Windows 11 is also expected to use less power than other operating systems, which should be beneficial for workers who enjoy the freedom and flexibility of mobility.

Microsoft also mentioned the latest improvements in the security credentials designed by Microsoft, including improved security for cloud operations. Microsoft has also set more improved hardware requirements, and this will ultimately increase the minimum security base for any device running Windows 11.

Multitasking in Windows 11

In the Windows 11 introductory event, Microsoft introduced a feature that will allow users to snap their windows to predesigned areas of the screen. The ability to snap windows will help users who appreciate the ability to have multiple windows open. This will also help users with their multitasking abilities. Windows has always found success with the ability to have windows side-by-side or in various locations on the screen. Microsoft has taken the time to listen to its users and continue to create upgrades that are designed to help users maximize productivity and efficiency at work

Transitioning to Windows 11

Current Windows 10 users will be able to upgrade eligible devices to Windows 11 at no cost once the release is made available to the public. While Windows 11 is expected to be a major player in every industry, it is important for businesses and organizations to know that not every Windows 10 device will be eligible for the Windows 11 upgrade.

We recommend evaluating your current devices to determine which devices will meet the Windows 11 hardware requirements. After evaluating your devices, you will be able to plan for other areas of the Windows 11 release. Pure IT can evaluate your infrastructure and tools. Before Windows 11 is deployed, we can assess your deployment infrastructure and current configurations. We can determine if any of your tools need to be updated. We can also ensure you have the right settings and policies that can support each device once Windows 11 has been installed.

As with any change, there will be some uncertainty surrounding Windows 11 and its features. However, we believe the transition to Windows 11 should be an easy one for users. The keys to a successful Windows 11 transition will be the same as any previous Windows upgrade. To ensure you have a smooth transition to Windows 11 once it is released later this year, contact the Windows 11 experts at Pure IT.

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