Pure IT Saves Local Food Brokerage Company 45% On Their IT Bill In The First Year Alone

Garrod Food Brokers is a sales and marketing agency working with clients and retailers to sell food products in storefronts across Canada. For some companies, the problem with IT is that they can’t find the high level of support they need — for Garrod Food Brokers, it was the opposite.

They run a relatively simple operation that isn’t highly dependent on IT. However, before working with Pure IT, previous in-house IT managers and third-party companies over-complicated the system.

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“Garrod Food Brokers would change from in-house IT to other third party organizations often, each one building and expanding on what was there,” says Casey Laenger, Ownership Group Member. “We would change every year to the next thing, to the next thing, to the next thing.”

It can be easy to overinvest in IT — new solutions and flashy gimmicks hit the market on a regular basis, and so, if whoever is in charge of your IT doesn’t know how to match needs with solutions, they can quickly overextend themselves.

“They over-engineered our systems pretty dramatically — we’re a pretty simple company,” says Casey. “We have people going into stores, putting products on shelves, upselling items, and calling on the head office accounts. We didn’t need a system that was overengineered, we needed something simple that met our needs.”

Garrod Food Brokers

Pure IT Delivers Exactly What Garrod Food Brokers Needs, And Saves Them Money

Between their in-house IT manager and their IT company at the time, Garrod Food Brokers was spending nearly twice as much on IT as they needed to.

“Our previous IT company was trying to quote us a $250,000,” says Casey. “When we took over, we figured out what was going on, we decided to make a change.”

Thanks to a mutual business connection, Garrod Food Brokers got in touch with Pure IT. They met and explained their basic IT needs as clearly as possible, hoping that Pure IT would be able to simplify their systems and help them save some money.

“We got hooked up with Pure IT through a company that was working with us in BC,” says Casey. “We had a quick meeting with them, laid out who we were and what we wanted out of our IT system, which was simplicity. We didn’t want anything fancy, we just wanted something that worked.”

The Pure IT team got to work, first transitioning Garrod Food Brokers from their previous IT company, and then evaluating the system to find ways in which it could be simplified, reduced, and made less expensive.

“They came in, they did a seamless transition from the IT company we had, they got through and put some quotes around what a system would look like for us,” says Casey. “We cut our IT costs significantly, probably to the tune of about 45% — and that was year one, we’ve been slowly working it down ever since.”

Just like that, Garrod Food Brokers cut their bill nearly in half, and since then, Pure IT has been continually optimizing their IT services and further eliminating unnecessary expenses.

“They’ve been great to work with, it’s been very simple and easy,” says Casey. “Pure IT listened to what we were saying, they provided a very simple and easy-to-manage platform for us that allowed us to go and be productive.”

Pure IT Will Lower Your IT Bill

Are you worried you’re overpaying for IT support, or overinvesting in tech you don’t actually need?

Our team will help you find out for sure:

  • Book a free consultation with our team at a time that fits your schedule.
  • Tell us what you need from your IT, and we’ll evaluate the state of your current systems.
  • We’ll suggest changes that will help you scale your IT to your exact needs, saving you money on your next IT bill.

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