Comprehensive IT Solutions

At Pure IT, we understand the distinct challenges that companies in the construction industry face. We also understand how to use technology to solve those challenges. Our team has hands-on experience working with construction companies of all sizes to customize IT solutions for achieving your unique goals. Whether you want to take a hands-off approach and let us manage all of your technology needs with our managed IT services, or you just want to empower your team with cloud capabilities, we have the expertise to understand your goals, analyze your workflows, and build an IT solution customized for you.

Project Management

Project management software has the potential to streamline your construction project at every stage of the process. However, if your construction software doesn’t align with your team’s needs, it can also slow projects down. That’s where Pure IT can help. We have hands-on experience helping construction companies find the optimal software solution for their project management needs. An effective project management platform empowers your team by identifying potential issues before they become problems, centralizing communication, and providing access to vital data in real time.

With the power of automated reporting tools, you can provide regular updates for your clients without slowing your team down. By automating the traditional reporting process, you can also simplify tracking timelines, subcontractors, vendors, and milestones.

One platform for all of your projects.

We design IT solutions that store all mission-critical data and documents in one place.

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Simplifying Estimates

With powerful reporting tools, Pure IT can help your team simplify the estimate process. Estimates can be entered directly into devices at the project site. Doing so accomplishes three critical objectives:

  • Streamlining the inefficiencies of paperwork
  • More realistic estimates for your clients
  • Reducing surprise expenses that cut into your bottom line

Estimates are updated in real-time, so both your team and your clients are on the same page at every phase of the construction process.

Document Management

When your team travels from job site to job site, it’s easy for paperwork to get lost, misplaced, or damaged. We design document management tools to minimize the risk that mishandled paperwork ends up slowing your project down. By digitizing your project documents, you can make it easier for every member of your team to access and organize those documents, track any changes relating to each project, and minimize the chance of miscommunication. Our team can even integrate document management tools into your project management and estimate tools for a comprehensive software platform that streamlines every aspect of your team’s day-to-day operations.

Calgary IT Support

If you’re ready to start using technology that propels your business’s growth, contact the IT experts at Pure IT today. We’ll partner with you to understand your goals and develop new strategies to achieve those goals while preparing you for the challenges of tomorrow.