Pure IT Works With Alternative Energy Company In Calgary With SharePoint Development

SharePoint intranet offers features that improve and promote business cooperation. You can easily connect employees, allow co-worker collaborations, and streamline communication across all departments without relying on email or social media.

However, developing or shifting your intranet to SharePoint in Microsoft 365 might take time, especially when you have extensive intranet content.

Pure IT helps organizations in Calgary to develop SharePoint intranet to quickly bring sites online and help them get a return on investment. Depending on your business goals, we can help you develop different types of SharePoint intranets, including:

  • Business Oriented Intranet: Such an intranet centres around business processes and operations. With a business-oriented intranet, you can streamline project management, allow workers to improve performance, and raise overall productivity because of smooth collaboration and project management on SharePoint intranet.
  • Social Oriented Intranet: Humans are social beings. Developing a social intranet can help your business enhance social collaborations, promote the company’s culture, increase workers’ loyalty, and support employee recognition and retention.
  • Mixed Intranet: The intranet offers a combination of social and productivity features. We can help you develop a SharePoint intranet that integrates with other enterprise systems such as Document Management System (DMS) and Hospitality and Retail Systems (HRS)

We’ll offer your company a variety of SharePoint services to help at any stage of your intranet life cycle. Our intranet development services include.

Calgary Alternative Energy Company

1. SharePoint Intranet Consulting

We understand the capabilities of SharePoint in creating functional intranet pages quickly without customization difficulties. Our team of SharePoint experts provide intranet consulting services to help organizations create systems that streamline business operations and the company’s industry specifics.

Specifically, we will:

  • Help your business choose the most relevant intranet features for your goals
  • Connect your employees and streamline communication across all departments with the intranet
  • Advise you on different SharePoint-related challenges such as intranet performance, deployment, user adoption, and content governance

More importantly, we can help you to quickly create responsive dynamic pages regardless of the purpose of the intranet to fit any device regardless of the screen size.

2. Intranet Architecture Design to Streamline Current Business Goals

Looking great isn’t the only feature of a successful intranet. You’ll need to focus on creating a SharePoint architecture that helps your organization to get things done while promoting engagement.

Figuring out how content should appear on your intranet site is critical, but the architecture needs to have a laser focus on your business end goal. The architecture must prioritize content and functionalities that are critical for end users in your organization.

Our experts design intranet architecture that revolves around your strategic goal to drives behaviour and investments. We’ll enable easy access and structured storage of your intranet, saving users time when searching for valuable information.

We understand that unlike most tech projects, you’ll never finish developing your intranet due to shifting interests and priorities in businesses over time.

However, at any time, the architecture should pay attention to initiatives that closely align with your company’s priorities and business stakeholders. We consider end-user satisfaction to deliver more informed tools that address workers’ pain points.

3. Intranet User Interface that Your Audience Understands

The starting point of developing a SharePoint intranet is understanding what it’ll help its users accomplish. Your best shot at framing the best intranet to your audience is to engage people who’ll use the system.

We’ll help you create a user interface with end-users in mind. Whether your intranet users are:

  • New starters
  • New employees
  • Knowledgeable workers
  • Sales reps
  • Fieldworkers
  • Content authors
  • People managers

We’ll help you research and engage with people representing different personas to develop a feature-rich intranet, user-friendly, intuitive, and eye-appealing.

After all, it’s nearly impossible to develop an intuitive intranet without knowing the end users. Wanting to build an intranet alone isn’t enough — you need to know what your audience wants to consume.

4. Deciding on Intranet Governance

Before thinking about developing an intranet, you need to figure out how you’ll govern the architecture and content to avoid users complaining about unsuccessful searches because of too much irrelevant content discovery.

Governance decisions are easier to make and enforce earlier in your intranet project. For instance, you need to decide:

  • Who will own the intranet — is it the IT department, the HR, or all of them? You need to know who’ll contribute to the new sites’ development and when they should make the contribution. We’ll help you establish the process that ensures sites’ discovery in the navigation or as a key bookmark in search
  • If you should let all sites follow a similar pattern so that users can readily find key content as they move from one site to another
  • The content owners and content contributors in the intranet you’re creating
  • Whether your intranet content will be retained based on your retention policies or classified depending on its sensitivity

While you don’t need to make every governance decision upfront, we’ll help you plan how you’ll govern your new intelligent intranet — preventing it from turning into a wasteland of information that can’t address your business goals.

5. Intranet Testing

Your current intranet may entail sites from different departments of your business, such as:

  • Human Resource
  • IT department
  • Facilities
  • Engineering

Your first planning step for SharePoint Intranet will be to inventory your existing site, meet with each owner, and determine their outcome goals. Our experienced testing team examines every detail of your intranet to identify issues that limit the solution’s performance.

We’ll identify the location of your content and help you establish how much content you would need to move when creating a new intranet site. After examining the content, you can decide to update the site or create new sites.

After all, not all circumstances require content migration. Sometimes, you need new content to match the modern SharePoint experience rather than migrating from the outdated one.

Testing your previous intranet (if you had one initially) allows you to learn what’s essential to your business and users.

6. Intranet Customization to Meet Your Business Initiatives

We’ll work with your key intranet stakeholder to identify initiatives that reflect your organization’s priorities.

While you can implement solutions that address all the initiatives of your organization, prioritizing one to start with ensures early success and user engagement.

To prioritize an initiative, assess its impact on users and how easily you can implement it, we’ll help you build a high-impact initiative with minimal customization as your first project.

To decide on the initiative to address first, engage with business leaders in that area to:

  • Establish the objectives for the solution
  • Identify who’ll be responsible for driving success in such an area
  • Metrics you’ll use to measure success

Your intranet needs to focus on the actual business impact.

7. Intranet Support and Maintenance Choose Pilot Scenarios

Our experts will work with the head of each department to ensure flawless operation and resilient security of your SharePoint intranet. More importantly, we’ll help train every stakeholder of your SharePoint intranet, including:

  • SharePoint admins
  • Developers
  • End-users

As a result, everyone will enjoy the new intranet performance.

8. Selection of Solution Components

SharePoint offers you several building blocks that allow you to create an intranet, such as:

  • Communication sites that allow you to share news, statuses, reports, and other information through several templates and web parts
  • Home site that acts as your intranet’s landing page for your business
  • Hub sites that organize related teams, sites, search, centralized news, and content management
  • SharePoint news; a news site where you can post essential or interesting stories, people’s news, announcements, including graphic and reach formatting.
  • The stream that you’ll use to deliver on-demand live meetings, events, and training
  • Forms to administer questionnaires, run surveys, create custom quizzes, and registration

Depending on the type of intranet project you’re doing, select components that will let you meet the site’s objectives.

We can help you create a rapid prototype and grant access to key stakeholders to provide a framework for further revision and discussion of the design. More importantly, you can involve your help desk so that they can prepare to answer questions after launching the intranet site to a large audience.

9. Roll Out the Pilot

When you’ve modified the prototype to the point where you want to share it broadly, you can try it with the whole organization or a pilot group. The aim is to test user adoption, which is essential to the success of the new intranet site.

To drive the intranet usage, you can:

  • Recruit executive sponsors for project support and help promote the new site to others in your company
  • Let company champions promote the new intranet throughout your business on the grass level.
  • Execute launch event and communication campaigns
  • Offer formal training on how to use the intranet in the organization
  • Hold regular office hours sessions where users can ask questions

After launching your intranet and engaging more users, monitor your success metrics and adjust to drive additional engagement and user satisfaction. When you accrue success, note the lessons in the process and process on the next intranet project you wish to undertake.

Pure IT Is the Right SharePoint Partner to Better Align End User Activities With Your Business Needs

Pure IT has helped many businesses in Calgary and Southern Alberta get more out of their SharePoint intranet, streamline their business processes, and get returns on investment.

We can be your great partners to assist with SharePoint intranet development. Contact us today to build an innovative, secure, feature-rich, and high-performing intranet.

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