Calgary Company Suffers a Devastating Ransomware Attack: Pure IT Can Help You!

A Calgary company is the latest victim of a debilitating ransomware attack that crippled its operations and brought it to a standstill. The attack, which happened on April 16, had begun benignly with printers acting up before everything froze.

Following the attack, a Calgary construction company is now facing a huge bill incurred to bring its IT systems back to normal.

The president of the Calgary firm under attack, reported that everything had come to a standstill. All server-side activities, including accounting, payroll, and estimations, were unavailable. This happened when the company was about to submit a bid for a large project which would have contributed to the success of the company.

The need for a reliable IT partner

The aftermath of the attack on this Calgary construction company brought into sharp focus the need to have a reliable IT service provider watching your back. In a news report, the president of the company made a shocking revelation that an IT firm would need over $100,000 to get things up and running again.

The company will need to make over a million dollars to recoup the costs of reviving its IT systems, going by the price quoted by its IT firm. Not many small and medium-sized businesses can afford such high costs, and would likely go under not long after a ransomware attack.

Reliable and efficient managed IT service providers, such as Pure IT, charge a flat fee on IT services, including data backup and recovery in case of a data disaster, and do not stick their clients with huge bills after a ransomware attack.

How to fight ransomware

Reacting to the incident, Troy Drever, Pure IT president, warned that anyone and any business was in danger of a ransomware attack. Drever urged individuals and businesses to take proactive measures to safeguard the integrity and security of their IT systems, noting that not even the police could help.

Note: Pure IT does not currently provide services to the company that suffered this ransomware attack. We were asked by Global TV in Calgary to offer our commentary on this incident.

Watch the news report here.

Drever discussed various useful tips to help you prevent, or recover quickly from ransomware attacks:

  • Reliable data backup and recovery: Drever explains that it’s a ransom because you have data you aren’t ready to lose but have no backup. You’ll have no choice but to pay ransom to the cybercriminals. This means that you should always back up your data, so you can always retrieve it if criminals attempt to lock you out of your own systems.
  • Using multi-factor authentication: A password may be complex and difficult to crack, but it’s not enough deterrence for cybercriminals determined to make a living out of ransomware. Multi-factor authentication ensures that unauthorized persons do not break into your systems even if they have the right password.
  • Avoid phishing scams: Avoid clicking on any unsolicited emails with dubious attachments or links. Hackers use them as bait to sneak malware into your system, so it can start siphoning sensitive data to them.
  • Use premium firewalls and up-to-date anti-malware protection: Investing in cybersecurity can be quite costly for small businesses, but they can outsource these services to reliable providers, such as Pure IT to cut costs.

Why choose Pure IT for cybersecurity services

You can trust us with efficient and reliable IT services for your growing business in Calgary and beyond because we charge a flat fee every month depending on your level of services. We won’t slap you with bills when a misfortune happens because you will still be within our agreement and tier of services.

In the event that an attack takes place, we take the shortest time to recover your data from our safe backups on the cloud, and get you up and running immediately. Contact us today to get your quote.

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