Cloud Computing Professionals In Calgary Explain Cloud Migrations

Getting reliable and secure IT services can be difficult. IT, after all, is the life of any business or company today. You simply cannot manage without it. An IT company offering complete IT management is a solution. In fact, according to Statista, organizations outspent and outsourced on IT management than it did on business services at 92% for the former and 59% on the latter.

Not all IT services companies, however, are the same. Some only provide certain services while others provide a whole range of services. Some IT service companies are also simply better at providing these services. So, as a company, you have to understand what you need in an IT service company and then you have to vet the available ones in your area. Finding a local IT services company in Calgary is ideal because representatives can be on-site relatively immediately, and that’s one benefit of many when you retain a competent, comprehensive IT management company in Calgary. Pure IT is an IT management company with cloud computing professionals in Calgary. We are experienced, committed, and engaged. Contact us to learn more, but in the meantime, our cloud computing professionals explain the benefits of complete IT management for businesses in Calgary and an overview of cloud migration, which is what many businesses are moving towards today and for good reason.

Cloud Computing Specialists in Calgary

How Can Cloud Computing Professionals in Calgary Benefit Your Business?

As a business in today’s local and global markets, you need a network system that runs smoothly not most of the time but all the time. At Pure IT, our comprehensive IT management services are designed to help you migrate to the cloud with ease and without interruption in business operations. One in the cloud, our cloud computing professionals in Calgary will make sure your network continues to run safely, securely, and seamlessly. Plus, you and your business will benefit in many other ways. Below are the top nine benefits you gain through complete IT management services.

  1. Cost-Efficiency. Through outsourcing complete IT management services, you reduce overhead costs and labor costs. You can also create a dependable IT budget with no surprises for each month/year.
  2. Seamless Transition. Whether its transitioning to an outsourced IT management company in Calgary altogether or retaining a company to migrate your current system into a cloud environment, trained and certified computing professionals at Pure IT make the transition seamlessly.
  3. Experience. Hiring a person who seems qualified in IT services is one thing, but qualifications is not the same as experience. With a complete IT management company, you get experience, which translates into faster, smarter services.
  4. Agility. When the unexpected happens, an outsourced IT management company is in a better position to adapt and respond promptly and effectively.
  5. Increased Security. Because your business and your trust matters, security is a priority for IT management companies. Their very existence balances on how secure they keep their clients’ networks and data.
  6. Reliability. Through experience, IT management companies know what to expect and how to expect the unexpected and address it immediately.
  7. Quick Implementation of New Technology. Technology advances daily, and with an IT management team, that new technology can be implemented quickly. At Pure IT, we stay informed, provide regular training, and are aware of all new technologies. We can implement new technology quickly while an in-house operation may take weeks or months.
  8. Reduced risk. There are ongoing changes all the time within markets, financial conditions, technologies, and government regulations. We assume the risk of keeping your company in compliance and secure,w which means you stay focused on your core business.
  9. Increased competitiveness. You gain a competitive advantage by allowing our cloud computing professionals in Calgary to take care of the IT side of things while you manage the business side of things.

These are all reasons why you would benefit from retaining a complete IT management service company.

Cloud Migration & Why You Need Cloud Computing Professionals in Calgary

Cloud migration is the very reason so many companies are outsourcing their IT management. The benefits of cloud migration include:

  • Scalable solutions that won’t crumble under high traffic
  • Reduced operation costs and improved processes
  • Quick, simple implementation
  • Minimal downtime
  • Improved cybersecurity
  • Secure disaster recovery.

According to Statista,

As of the first quarter of 2020, 87 percent of the enterprise respondents indicated that they have deployed hybrid cloud in their organizations.

Cloud migration is a complex process that can do a lot more harm than good if not carried out strategically and thoughtfully. At Pure IT, we have developed a cost-effective, seamless transition strategy that avoids downtime so your business operates at optimal productivity without interruption. We move your data, applications, and other elements in a secure and methodic fashion designed specifically for your business. Our cloud migration services include migrating:

  • On-premises Exchange server to a hosted Office 365 solution; or
  • other servers to a cloud-hosted environment in an offsite data center.

Our services are tailored to what you specifically need from a cloud solution. What’s more: we provide continued IT services, too. So, you never have to worry about the security, accessibility, or reliability of your network again, and therein lies the reasons why you need cloud computing professionals in Calgary.

Complete IT Management Provided by Cloud Computing Professionals in Calgary

Complete IT management isn’t only about cloud migration but the whole spectrum of IT services. It’s also about complete and professional management of those IT services so that your business can focus on its own service or product with confidence and without interruptions. For customized, complete IT management, Pure IT, including its cloud computing professionals in Calgary, is in the best position to deliver.

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