Custom Software Development In Calgary

Are you struggling to work with a software program that is inefficient, has security vulnerabilities, and/or takes a lot of bandwidth? Could you save time and money with the right programs but simply can’t find them on the market? If so, there is a solution. Custom software development in Calgary can either take an existing program and customize it to meet your needs or build an entirely new software program according to your exact specifications.

Granted, building or customizing software doesn’t come cheap. Even so, the results are more than worth the cost. Read on to discover some of the benefits of custom IT software development and learn how to find the development company that is the best fit for your business.

Software Development in Calgary

What can Custom Software Development in Calgary do for Your Business?

  • Scale to meet your needs. As your business grows, diversifies, and changes, you’ll need software that can grow with you. Buying a new program to replace one that no longer works well for your business is not only expensive but also time-consuming as you have to shop around to find a suitable software program, take the time to install it, and then teach your employees how to use it. On the other hand, a custom program built by a reputable software developer in Calgary should be scalable so you can use it with ease both now and in the future.
  • Facilitate software integration. The benefits of integrating one or more programs and/or platforms are well-known. Recent statistics show that integrating mobile and social platforms with CRM software boosts a sales team’s productivity by up to 14%. Combining email, social, and automated marketing tools with a CRM platform can boost marketing ROI by up to 25%. However, in many instances, it can be challenging for a business to integrate programs it uses on a daily basis without either customizing programs or building new programs from scratch. Customization is key to helping companies save time, share information across various branches and departments, and create a customer service experience that will keep clients coming back while bringing in new customers.
  • Protect you from a changing business IT environment. It’s not uncommon for a company to purchase what looks like an ideal software program, only to discover a few years later that the company that made the program is going out of business and so will no longer offer patches or support for the program in question. What’s more, it’s not just small software creation companies that aren’t able to guarantee reliable, long-term service. Microsoft routinely ends support for many of its older programs, forcing business owners to either find new, comparable programs or shell out large sums of cash to upgrade their software. Thankfully, this is a program that is easily avoidable when paying a company to create a custom program from scratch. Your new program belongs to you and can be easily adapted and upgraded by an in-house IT expert, the company that originally made the program or another company that handles software development in Calgary.
  • Boost your cybersecurity. More than half of all Canadians were hacked in 2019 alone, but you can lower the odds of becoming a statistic by using custom-built software. Hackers tend to spend more time trying to breach popular programs used by millions of people and so are unlikely to bother trying to get to know your program code in order to breach it.

Introducing Pure IT Software Development in Calgary

Are you looking for trustworthy, reliable, cutting-edge software development in Calgary? If so, Pure IT may be the perfect fit for your business. We have more than twenty years of experience creating custom IT software solutions for small, mid-size, and large enterprises from a wide range of industries. Our services include not only developing brand new software programs but also:

  • Customizing SharePoint and CRM systems to suit your specific needs
  • Monitoring your custom-made and/or modified programs, offering support and upgrades as needed
  • Creating customer portals
  • Public website creation and support
  • Social network integration
  • Document management services
  • Custom workflow
  • Branding
  • User research

Our team starts by getting to know your business. We consider your industry, industry requirements, long-term goals, current challenges, data security, and other important factors to map out a software creation/modification plan that suits your needs. We also take your deadlines and budget into account to ensure your new software is ready on time and doesn’t cost more than the agreed-upon budget. Once a plan is in place, our team will get to work creating the winning software you need to excel in your field.

Our job isn’t over once the programs are created. We will install them for you and then teach your staff members how to use them. Furthermore, we can monitor your new programs, tweaking them periodically to boost speed and efficiency, and address potential vulnerabilities that could lead to a data breach. As the number one rated IT service company in Atlanta, you can count on us to provide fast, effective service.

Custom software has much to offer any business. It scales to meet one’s current and future needs, is harder to breach than off-the-shelf programs, allows integration with other programs to save your staff members time and hassle, improves customer service, and much more. If you are looking for a tried and proven tool that will help you stay ahead of your competition long-term, creating the exact software your business needs should be your first move, and Pure IT is the company of choice to do the job. We have all the tools and technology you need to create the best possible programs for your business. What’s more, we can also monitor and support your new programs, freeing you to focus on important business matters rather than IT management and damage control. Get in touch with us at your convenience to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment with our software development experts at your convenience.

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