Why Your Calgary Business Needs an Employee Vulnerability Assessment

According to multiple reports, the single greatest threat to your organization’s IT network is your employees. But do you know how an Employee Vulnerability Assessment can help you turn this weak point into your first line of defense? This short blog article explores how.

Nowadays, a key concern for organizations across all industries is network security. Consequently, numerous studies have been performed on data breaches to identify the significant risk factors that businesses should be aware of. Although it may come as a surprise, the overwhelming majority of data breaches were discovered to result from human error.

With the data pointing to employees as the weakest link in your company’s information security, you need to act swiftly. But how? How can you tell which of your employees is likely to cause your next breach? And how can you leverage this insight to prevent breaches altogether? Up until now, this has been virtually impossible. That’s why we came up with the perfect solution to this challenge: Employee Vulnerability Assessment (EVA). Ready to find out more? Let’s get started.

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What Is an Employee Vulnerability Assessment?

In a nutshell, our Employee Vulnerability Assessment empowers your staff to take part in safeguarding your business IT network. At the same time, EVA gives you unparalleled insight into every employee’s security strengths and weaknesses by exploiting proven techniques like quantitative analytics, leaderboard competition, and continuous education.

How does that happen? At EVA’s heart is the Employee Secure Score (ESS in short), which integrates several key security metrics. ESS transforms employee security education into an analytical engine.

Healthy staff competition is encouraged through an interactive leaderboard that forms just one element of a highly engaging dashboard. Other components of the dashboard include suggested tips and reminders on how employees can improve their Employee Security Score.

How Does ESS Work?

Just think of ESS like a FICO credit score. Each staff member is awarded an ESS based on some security metrics, including:

  • Frequent Micro-Training: Regular training, instead of the traditional annual security training, ensures your staff is up to date on all the emerging cybersecurity threats. Short, simple, educational videos and quizzes are sent to the right end-users from the portal. These scores could be combined with their annual training course.
  • Personal Dark Web Scanning: Employees can scan the dark web for any of their personal accounts or business accounts for any possible threats.
  • Simulated Phishing: As phishing emails are the most common strategy employed by hackers, simulated phishing campaigns will play a central role in bolstering your network security.
  • Monthly Newsletter: Delivering a monthly security network keeps your staff updated on the latest threats.
  • Written Security Policies: Document management and templates to protect your customers and offer transparency — all in a single, convenient location.

Looking for Help With Your Employee Vulnerability Assessment?

As a leading IT services provider in Calgary, Pure IT strives to help businesses create and maintain secure, reliable IT networks. Contact us now to safeguard your network and avoid a breach.

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