Cyber-crimes occur everywhere. A security threat can strike your network from any angle at any time. Hackers are on a mission to compromise your confidential data. They have the ability to break through your firewall through a variety of methods.

Phishing is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details. It’s a malicious attack that’s often disguised as an important email attachment. Cybercriminals prey on people by hiding their threats in what appears to be a credible source. Whether it’s an email from your university or a “CEO,” phishers stoop to new lows to grab your attention.

Today, phishing attacks are one of the most popular forms of cybercriminal activity. It’s also one of the most detrimental. Far too often, companies will fall victim to some type of phishing scam. Your employees need to be educated about these types of security threats. They need to understand what a phishing attempt looks like. In the long run, this will prevent scammers from gaining unauthorized access to your company’s network.

As an employer, it’s important to practice phishing prevention with your staff. You don’t always need to commit to a comprehensive penetration test, just to educate your team. Routine simulations can effectively do the trick. Some of the top perks of a phishing simulator include:

  • Data loss prevention
  • Gives your company credibility
  • Affordability and cost-efficiency
  • Network security

Security Awareness Training You Need to Participate in:

A great security awareness plan will keep your employees alerted and secure your personal information. These are three of the best ways that your business should practice phishing assurance:

Instant Messaging:

Instant messages are one of the most popular ways to lure in a phishing trap. Phishers can send you a message from your company’s preferred messaging center. If you get an IM from your employer with a suspicious link, then it’s best not to open it. Chances are that if your manager sends you a link without discussing things with you first, then they are phish testing you.

Phishing Emails:

One of the most common types of phishing attacks is through an email. If a user opens a message with a malicious code linked, then that can severely hinder the company’s information security. Employers should send email simulations with faux links provided. Business owners should send simulated emails to specific individuals. If an employee gets a message from the bank’s email address, then they need to notify their supervisors.

Social Media Penetration:

Phishers can also gain access to your company’s credentials through your social media channels. Unfortunately, social media penetration a spear phishing attack that is often overlooked. Whoever manages your company’s social media needs to recognize phishing attempts. If that user gets an invitation to ‘click on a link,” then they need to report the issue immediately.

Keep Your Employees Protected from Phishing!

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