Information Technology Planning 2023

Key Points: 

  • The current supply chain issues and financial concerns many countries are experiencing make information technology planning particularly important in 2023
  • Determining your information technology budget and prioritizing your most important IT needs can help you make sure that your business implements the most important updates to help you do more with your resources
  • Considering upcoming technology upgrades and changing remote work needs can help you more adequately determine what equipment and programs you most need

There are so many new tech products and programs available that it can be challenging to know what changes will be the most successful for your business, but focusing on information technology planning can help you weigh the IT options that may be available to you and select the changes that will most benefit your company. Here is an overview of why information technology is essential and several things to consider when planning your business’s IT strategy!

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Why Is Information Technology Planning Important in 2023?

Information technology planning has been essential to running a successful business for several decades. Still, the current state of the world means that there are even more reasons to prioritize IT planning in 2023. Here are four important reasons to set aside time to prioritize information technology planning during the first quarter of this year!

Supply Chain Issues

Getting certain IT products from the factory to your business remains challenging. It is not uncommon for items you need to be significantly back-ordered, has increased shipping times, or be completely unavailable. Some types of computer chips and other important parts are still difficult to come by, and staffing issues worldwide have further slowed down supply chains. This means that planning updates well in advance can help you lessen your overall burden on the supply chain by minimizing urgent needs that may not fit into current availability, as well as increase your chances of receiving your products or services promptly that do not create additional delays for your business.

Widespread Recession

Many countries continue to sink deeper into the widespread recession that has overtaken the world throughout the past year. This is likely to worsen for businesses in many industries as 2023 progresses. This means that setting aside time to determine what your business’s most pressing IT needs are and what you will not desperately need for at least a few years can help you identify both urgent needs that must be worked into your 2023 IT budget and upgrades you would like to have someday that can wait until the economy improves. This can be especially important for companies with offices in multiple countries or that import IT products from other countries to consider because not all countries are experiencing product shortages and financial implications in the same way.

Keep Up With Liability Insurance and Compliance Needs

Protecting your company and customers becomes more critical and challenging each year as potential threats increase. Staying on top of changing liability insurance and compliance requirements is a must. Increasing cyber security concerns mean that your confidential data and finances may be at a higher risk than ever. Knowing what steps your insurance company requires you to take to protect yourself best and ensure adequate coverage. Knowing exactly what you need to do to keep your business’s insurance policy current and planning adjustments that you may need to make well in advance is essential to ensure that every aspect of your IT system is as protected as possible.

Keep Up With Trends

Staying informed about the latest trends and best practices in your field and the IT industry is always an important reason to diligently plan your most strategic options for updating how your business uses information technology in the coming year. Understanding upcoming products and services that may be relevant to your business and identifying important updates to products or programs you own can help you ensure you are getting the most out of your past and current technology budget. Even if you know that you will only be able to implement a few significant changes in the coming year, learning as much as possible about what may be available to you shortly can help you strategize and prioritize the most beneficial decisions for your business.

Creating an Effective Information Technology Plan for 2023

A strategic IT plan can make a significant difference in getting the most out of your available resources to improve your business’s IT system this year. Here are four things to consider when creating an effective information technology plan for 2023!

Consider Your Most Essential Equipment and Software Updates

Between supply chain issues and budget concerns, chances are you will not be able to make every change to your business that you would like to this year. Information technology planning makes it easier to identify the most critical adjustments and updates that must be made this year to keep your business running smoothly. Prioritizing the changes you most need and scheduling them in advance can go a long way toward minimizing the likelihood of experiencing delays, and adding new equipment and software updates that do not make the cut for this year to your 2024 information technology plan can give you a better idea of where your business stands over time.

Create an IT Budget That Works for Your Business

Your budget plays a key role in determining what changes you can realistically make to your business, but even having a limited budget does not necessarily mean that you will not be able to make the upgrades you most need. Considering past budgets and current prices that account for inflation can help you determine how much your business can afford to spend on updating its IT system during each quarter of 2023, as well as separate things you need to have now from those you would like to have at some point in the future.

Consider Anticipated Technology Upgrades

IT equipment is quickly changing, so it can be a good idea to wait until a new version is available before replacing what you currently have if your current products and programs are still working reasonably well. For example, suppose you just upgraded your business’s computers within the last five years. In that case, it is likely worthwhile to skip the current newest model and watch for a future release that provides a more significant upgrade over what you currently have.

Consider Contingency Needs

Few businesses were adequately prepared to have their entire team working from home in 2020 suddenly. The benefits of remote work have shown that it is unlikely to disappear entirely for many companies. Suppose you are planning to allow some of your team members to entirely or partially work from home. In that case, the equipment and programs you will need to provide for future remote work needs are essential to consider this year to ensure your team has the IT resources they need to succeed from anywhere.

Navigating the information technology upgrades your business needs can be challenging, but Pure IT is here to help you identify what your business most needs to succeed in 2023. Working with us can be essential in helping your business effectively use technology to meet its goals.

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