Error From Calgary IT Services Company Hits Former Client For Over A Grand In Added Expenses

For many IT firms across Calgary, there is a 100% focus on avoiding making mistakes or causing hardships for clients. Mistakes happen, and no person or company is immune to errors or mistakes. However, negligence is never acceptable from your IT services company.

Recently, our brand new client searched on Google for a local IT services company and found Pure IT after becoming increasingly frustrated with their current IT company. This organization was newly acquired by a more prominent national IT company hoping to expand into the Calgary market.  They were not feeling the love from this more significant player in the Canadian information technology marketplace.

Pure IT’s Paul Guthrie was one of the first members of the Pure IT team to meet with this local Calgary company with close to 50 staff members with international expansion plans on the horizon. Technology has become a significant enabler in helping this local business achieve its goals and objectives.

Technology has to work, plain and simple.  When technology doesn’t work, it costs businesses lost revenue and, even sometimes, more than that.

I wanted to reach out today to tell you that our onboarding to Pure IT has effectively been completed. I’m wrapping up a few little things with the previous IT company. This was a good time to mention that Evan has been amazing during this transition. It was a mess with many things, including licensing and security. Evan took the time to educate me on the different levels of licensing we can tap into to be the most cost-efficient possible on this. On the security front, Evan has offered ideas and strategies to make us as secure as possible – to which we are very grateful.

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Costly Error By Local Calgary IT Service Provider Could Have Been Avoided

This costly error by this client’s former Calgary IT services provider could have been avoided with proper care and attention.  However, in today’s business world, everyone is rushing to close service tickets, lower their average ticket time and reduce the number of tickets per end-point.

When Calgary-based IT service companies gather with their industry peer groups, often in some exotic part of the world, they’re measured not by the quality of service but by the number of tickets closed, the average time spent on those tickets, and the profitability of each client.

This focus on the client’s profitability may have contributed to the error in billing not being detected by the previous Calgary IT company.

Mistakes and errors will happen.

Pure IT is focused on the quality of our service and client satisfaction. Not how fast we can get a client off the phone.

One of our new client’s first tasks with Pure IT was to audit the company’s software licenses and security. Pure IT tasked Evan, our IT systems professional, to oversee the transition from the previous IT firm to Pure IT.

To say it was a mess would be the most polite description of the challenges Pure IT faced during this transition. Evan and the team from Pure IT took the time to go into painstaking detail on every detail, including making recommendations and offering solutions that would increase the overall security of this client.

Evan and the Pure IT team reviewed every service and solution that the previous IT company implemented, and this is where the error of over $1000 was discovered. An essential software solution used by organizations to automate email signatures with Microsoft 365 and Google Gmail was incorrectly configured, leading to the $1000 being charged to the client in error.

The previous IT company did the right thing and eventually refunded our client for their error. However, with Pure IT taking ownership and reviewing everything done by the previous IT company, this client discovered the extra fees being charged to them were successful in getting their money refunded.

Costly Error By Calgary IT Services Company

Does Your IT Company Answer Their Phones?

Growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of support, something needed to happen.

Before the acquisition of their current IT company, this client was completely satisfied with the performance of their IT company. Still, once the acquisition was complete, the previous firm’s owner moved to other operational roles. Quality of service went downhill rapidly, causing something to be done to right the sinking ship.

Google has the answers.

This great new client of Pure IT did their research long before they selected Pure IT and a few other Calgary-based IT firms to solicit proposals.  Turning to Google to research new IT firms to work with.

This client contacted several IT companies in Calgary, including Pure IT.  Pure IT immediately jumped into action, conducting a virtual meeting using Microsoft Teams to understand the wants and needs from their new IT services company.

Pure IT was successful in winning this great clients business by:

  • Offering a wholly managed IT services solution
  • A deep understanding of Microsoft technologies
  • A complete IT security offering
  • A company that answered their phone

Pure IT was NOT the lowest-priced proposal received by this client.  Be careful of organizations offering a heavily discounted price. We have found, like in this situation, the proper care and attention are never provided when significant cost reductions or low-cost alternatives are presented.  Just like discount airlines, the client is often left uncared for, or any little request is an additional fee. This doesn’t happen with Pure IT. The fee we charge is for a complete IT service for each and every client.

Additionally, Evan was persistent with pulling apart our profile with the previous IT services company and found an error in the billing of a cloud application that the previous IT company had been charging us for 18 months. To that end, we have finally been refunded $1K by them – and that all completely due to that persistence by Evan in the early stages of onboarding as we would have never known.

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Pure IT Simply Takes Care Of Our Clients

Can you believe that many Calgary IT service companies never return an email or even phone calls? Yes, it is true. This client backed up our beliefs in this theory. Luckily, for this Calgary business, Pure IT answered their phones and could be found online to offer our services to them.

It is just about taking care of our Calgary clients.

Our client said this in their recent email to Pure IT about the services provided. “I look forward to a strong and healthy working relationship moving forward.”

Pure IT is unique in the Calgary IT services community. We know many IT service companies offer a wide range of IT services. We recommend you do your homework and compare apples to apples when evaluating a new IT services company for your Calgary business.

Pure IT provides fully managed IT services in Calgary, Red Deer, Okotoks, High River, Cochrane, and Alberta.

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