Microsoft 365 Backup Services

Microsoft Office is a popular business productivity suite used by small and medium enterprises in Canada. With Office 365, you can share files and spreadsheets, collaborate in real-time, work online from the office or remotely. It comes as the perfect business cloud, but has a shortcoming in backup and recovery.

Pure IT recommends backing up your data systems and applications as regularly as possible. This is the only sure way to help your business recover from a catastrophic data loss. We provide a robust backup strategy for your Microsoft 365 platform. Before we delve into those details, let’s get into Microsoft 365 backup and recovery details.

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Microsoft 365 Backup and Recovery

Microsoft comes as a highly secure platform with built-in data protection capabilities. It is based on a solid service level agreement (SLA) that provides a 99.9% guarantee of uptime. As such, it covers common causes of application downtime, especially data center-related outages. Microsoft boasts multiple data centers all over the world, all of which host redundant network architecture. When there is an outage in one data center, one of the others can serve as a backup.

Additionally, Microsoft offers Database Availability Group (DAG) technology to protect the Exchange Online Mailbox data. This ensures you can access data from your networks and systems whenever you need it.

Furthermore, the enterprise E3 to E5 Office 365 packages are well-equipped with data loss prevention capabilities to help your business stay in compliance. But all this is not enough to provide your business with adequate backup for your data and applications. While the platform protects your business from the incidents that may happen at the data centers, it has some shortcomings at the business level. You are at risk of losing data if:

  • You or your team members accidentally delete files and close the application.
  • A malicious actor destroys sensitive or crucial business information
  • Someone without authorized permission accesses your company networks and data and deletes files

Microsoft 365 Retention Policy

Microsoft 365 has a Deleted Items Folder that is subject to the retention policy. The platform only allows you 30-day retention period to recover deleted items, after which they will be gone forever, even from the recycle bin. Besides, Microsoft SharePoint is only backed up every 12 hours, with a 14-day retention period, depending on your license level.

Microsoft clarifies that they are not responsible for your data, a clear indication that you need to take proactive steps to back up your data. For the best results, you don’t need to do this alone, neither should you use a trial and error method before finally settling on the most reliable backup solution.

Pure IT has the backup solution your need for your Microsoft 365 platform. We work with businesses in Calgary and Southern Alberta to provide them with the support they need for their Microsoft platforms. We can also do the same for you to ensure your data backup system is efficient and reliable.

What Pure IT Offers For Microsoft 365 Backup Services In Calgary

Our Microsoft Office 365 data backup solution protects your M365 platform everywhere. We offer a comprehensive plan for data management and recovery for all your business-critical apps. These include:

  • SharePoint Online: all your lists, site collections, security settings, metadata, version history, and libraries
  • Exchange Online: archives, mailboxes, calendars, folders, permissions, contacts, and more.
  • Microsoft Teams: meeting items, channels, work files, conversations, and more
  • OneDrive for business: folders, libraries, security settings, metadata, and version history
  • Public Folders: messages, forms and validations, files, messages, and contacts
  • Microsoft Groups 365: conversations, group files, sites, notes, and more
  • Dynamics 365CRM: we archive documents without losing their corresponding metadata
  • Salesforce: backup at the object, organization, record, and field levels
  • Planner: labels and assignments, tasks, progression, and buckets

As you can already see, Pure IT offers you a comprehensive backup plan for the entire Microsoft 365 suite.

Our backup solution helps your business to:

  • Automate the backup process to save time: as a policy-based solution, our software protects any new file, document, or mailbox added to Microsoft 365.
  • Recover rapidly from ransomware: our data recovery strategy helps you to recover clean files in bulk promptly. It also has features that prevent reinfection and provides granular recovery for your mailboxes. Our tool allows you to recover to any point in time, reducing your downtime and helping you meet your business SLAs.
  • Continue with business: you can access cloud data from any location anytime using a highly distributed recovery cloud. You can also centrally manage your cloud backup and recovery solution through the self-service online portal with a user-friendly interface.

Why Use Our Microsoft 365 Backup Solution?

Our Microsoft 365 backup solution provides your business with several advantages, including helping you free up your time using our backup-as-a-service solution. Safeguard your Microsoft 365 data and ensure prompt recovery without undue burden. Overall, you will:

  • Have a unified administrative experience
  • Have access to the latest features without upgrading your software
  • Stay informed and in control of your systems while monitoring the growth and consumption of the data you’ve backed up
  • Quickly look for misplaced or missing files or emails and recover them without wasting time digging into the recycle bin
  • Always have the guarantee that your permission settings allow only authorized users to access your data. Your business files and documents will always be in safe hands.

Are You Ready to back Up Your Microsoft 365?

You cannot afford not to have a backup strategy for your Microsoft 365 business platform, even though it’s a highly secure platform. The retention policy may help you recover data you accidentally delete from the platform, but it is not entirely adequate.

Go for a solution that automatically backs up your data and allows for real-time recovery in case of data loss due to human error or natural causes. To save you from the trouble of choosing from a myriad of available solutions, we are here to help and offer a lasting solution. Contact our Pure IT experts at 403-444-1800 to schedule your free initial assessment or reach out via email to anytime.

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