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Quickly Ramp Up Collaboration with Microsoft Teams for Business

With many staff currently working remotely throughout Canada due to COVID-19, you can very quickly ramp up collaborations with Microsoft Teams for Business. Microsoft Teams is part of the Microsoft suite of products known as Microsoft 365 (previously Microsoft Office 365). Microsoft 365 represents a cutting-edge step forward for simple, accessible, and easy to use cloud solutions. Since Teams was constructed around the idea of leveraging the maximum capability of Microsoft Graph, staff now have the ability to share insights, intelligence, and data anywhere within the Microsoft 365 suite. Simplifying the way your network functions, you can quickly ramp up collaborations with Microsoft Teams for Business.

Collaborate From Anywhere

If your business relies on collaboration, Microsoft Teams would be a positive addition to your business. It allows remote workers to collaborate in real-time from anywhere across the country. The Teams’ mobile and web applications are as comprehensive as their desktop counterpart. Teams allow staff to meet and collaborate instantly going from chat to video conferencing seamlessly with the touch of a button.

Real-Time Document Revision

Emails are not the most efficient way to share documents as edits can get lost in translation. Using a cloud-based storage system allows anyone to access a document anytime they need to. Teams preserve all versions of a document in a central location without erasing prior versions. Microsoft Teams integrates with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, the new Planner Task Management App, Stream Video Portal and even Power BI. Staff can access files and carry out other tasks as they normally would on their home computer, smartphones, or tablet if they have been deployed to work remotely from home.

Video Conferencing

Almost overnight, video conferencing has become the go-to application to keep remote workers connected. Many businesses are using Microsoft Teams video conferencing technology for online meetings to connect with staff working remotely, clients who work on the other side of Canada, and even vendors located in another province. Online meetings bring people together where they can share presentations, documents, and data in real-time. These meetings can be recorded for those who can’t make it on-line and allows staff to seek clarification or review anything they may have missed.

Instant Messaging

Emails are sometimes not the best way to communicate. If all you need is a simple answer to a question, try Teams instant messaging application. Instant messaging allows staff to respond quickly as opposed to sending them an email that might not be read for hours or days. Instant messaging allows staff to share their opinion and their personality by sending gifs, stickers, and emojis in a group chat or in one-to-one messages.

Project Management Tools

Simplifying the planning process using the Microsoft Teams’ scheduling tool, informs staff exactly what they need to do and when. Teams create a centralized view of projects using a visual interactive roadmap resulting in staff receiving up to date and relevant feedback. Missing deadlines can delay the completion of a project which costs both time and money. Microsoft Teams offers five project management tools to keep a track of workflows and boost collaboration with a variety of built-in customizable templates using industry best practice.

Task Assignments

Using an online tool makes it easy for staff to keep on top of tasks they are responsible for using a function that sends emails about looming deadlines. The advantage of using this tool means project managers can keep track of task assignments in real-time.

Gantt Charts

Gannt charts use basic horizontal bars to display the project phase and progress to date. Project managers along with the project team can quickly see what work has been completed, what still needs doing, and when work assignments need to be completed.

Resource Allocation

An online resource allocation tool makes it easy for project managers to track hours against estimates. If staff are working remotely from home, they may need to home school their children during the pandemic for part of the day. It allows staff to mark hours they can and can’t work giving project managers the ability to build realistic timelines.

Feedback Tools

Some staff are more vocal than others in face-to-face meetings. With the Teams feedback tools allow all team members to vote and rank various versions of deliverables making the less vocal feel more empowered.

Privacy and Security

With so many working remotely, privacy and security are more important than ever. Microsoft Teams protects the identity and account details with multi-factor authentication (MFA). Secure guest access allows users to collaborate with individuals outside your organization while still controlling their access to organizational data. All data is protected and defended against cyber-attacks and Data Loss Prevention prevents sensitive information from being accidentally shared with others.

Running Microsoft Teams? Call Pure IT: Calgary’s Microsoft Teams Support Organization

To boost collaboration and increase the productivity of your staff, Pure IT’s simple installation and ongoing Microsoft 365 support solutions will provide your business with a high-quality cloud service that’s designed to optimize performance without incurring downtime or complicating costs. Whatever you are looking for, to ramp up collaborations in a cloud platform, Microsoft Teams has everything you need. Call us today on 403-444-188 or email to learn more about how we can help you quickly ramp up collaborations with Microsoft Teams for Business.

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