Office 365: What’s the Best Plan For You?

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It’s Time to Make the Jump to Office 365

The more specific your needs are as a company, the more difficult it can be to find a software platform that makes sense. Transitioning to a cloud computing solution might seem like a massive undertaking, and we assure you that it’s a big decision to make. That’s where having a high-quality partner to help you through the process comes in handy—at Pure IT, we collaborate closely with our clients to determine what kind of software is going to help them the most moving forward. Once we’ve identified a solution that makes sense for your long-term business objectives, we take care of even the most minute part of the transition process. For everything from installation and user onboarding, to ongoing maintenance and reliable support, we make sure that you’re set up for success. So many of our clients utilize Microsoft Office 365 because they find that it’s features, user-friendly file sharing and storage, and efficient transition process all combine to offer an exceptional solution to their cloud-based needs.


Which Office 365 Cloud Service is Right For You?

Office 365 has four specific platforms that they offer for businesses: Office 365 Essentials, Office 365 Business, Office 365 Premium, and Microsoft 365 Business. Their titles might sound as if they’re closely related, and in some ways they are—but that doesn’t mean that every Office 365 platform is going to make sense for your network and overall needs. Each one has features that may or may not correlate to tasks you have to perform on a daily basis. In this blog, we’ll go over them individually and determine what each one has to offer.


Office 365 Essentials

Services Offered

Only web-based Microsoft services—PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, OneDrive, and Skype for Business. For simple, efficient file sharing, SharePoint is a great addition. Communicating within your office is also a lot easier with Yammer.

Who Would Benefit the Most From Using It?

This platform is a good fit for small businesses, or business with a high-speed network connection that’s hoping to increase the performance of some of their desktop apps. Keeping your information and applications web-based is also simple with Office 365 Essentials.


Office 365 Business

Services Offered

This iteration includes the core, downloadable Microsoft desktop apps with no online services or business-class email. Users will enjoy access to PowerPoint, Excel, Word, OneNote, Access and Outlook. As for web-based services, OneDrive is the only one that you’ll have access to.

Who Would Benefit the Most From Using It?

Business owners that only want to use the core Microsoft apps on their desktops.


Office 365 Business Premium

Services Offered

Office 365 Business Premium seamlessly combines all of the unique features that other models offer into one consolidated service, including all the desktop apps and web services.

Who Would Benefit the Most From Using It?

Small businesses (larger than Essential-sized, though) that need comprehensive file management systems and user-friendly access to Microsoft collaboration tools.


Microsoft 365 Business

Services Offered

Every feature that’s offered with Business Premium, but with high-quality mobile device management and IT security features. Users with this platform are also automatically upgraded to Windows 10.

Who Would Benefit the Most From Using It?

If your infrastructure is relatively similar to those who fit the Premium option but have a larger staff, this might be the choice for you. The more robust your cloud offering, the easier it is to incorporate services like serverless computing and other virtual machine benefits.

As your IT Partner, Pure IT will get to know your business’ unique needs and budget and help you to identify the best Office 365 products for your needs. Once you have decided on what software you will purchase, we can work with your entire team to ensure the transition is smooth and you face as little downtime and disruption as possible. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your Office 365 purchase decision and transition!

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