Managed Threat Response

Pure IT lets you get back to business as quickly as possible after a cybersecurity breach incident.

  • Are you worried about the security of your data or company network?
  • Do you need help creating a disaster recovery plan?
  • Does your business need to comply with strict industry or governmental data security regulations?

With a large number of network devices within modern organizations, cybercriminals have more attack surfaces to use to gain entry into your organization’s network. Pure IT offers your company proactive incident detection and managed threat response solutions, which we deliver from our state-of-the-art remote Security Operations Center. We have a fully managed service that helps you detect and respond quickly to threats with Root Cause investigation and Kill Chain visibility, offering you reliable security.

Pure IT has facilitated our companies IT services for many years. The staff are all very knowledgeable and eager to help solve problems. I would highly recommend Pure IT to anyone looking for a stress-free IT solution.

Trevor Kulyk

Managed Threat Response
Threat Response Services In Calgary

Why You Should Choose Pure IT for Managed Threat Response Solutions

When you’re in an active cyberattack, the time you take between the initial indication of a compromise and the complete mitigation of the threat must be as brief as possible. As an attacker makes their way through the Kill Chain, you’re in a race against time to ensure that they cannot achieve their objectives.

Our Managed Threat Response team has the skill to ensure that you not only get back to work as fast as possible but also offers you the following advantages:

  • Gain strategic insights on the security of your data systems
  • Develop a comprehensive cyber risk strategy
  • Have measures in place to remedy the damage caused by a breach
  • Post-remediation support and systems monitoring

The Pure IT Managed Threat Response Solution

Whether your business survives a cyberattack or not depends on how prepared you are to deal with an event as soon as it occurs. Pure IT ensures your company gets back on track as quickly as possible by offering:

24/7 Systems Monitoring

The Pure IT Cybersecurity team provides growing businesses in Calgary and Alberta round-the-clock monitoring and analysis of user behavior. We also offer your management and IT team real-time reports of critical observations and alerts based on actionable cybersecurity intelligence. By taking a proactive stance on your cybersecurity, Pure IT allows your business to:

  • Identify potential attack surfaces before an intruder exploits them
  • Establish risky employee activity
  • Identify threats as early as possible and stopping them before causing catastrophic damage
  • Obtain a complete picture of your organization’s cybersecurity position
Managed Threat Security

Pure IT has always done a great job for our company, and I would recommend them to any company looking for professional IT support and solutions.

Rich Jobes

Immediate Threat Removal

Experiencing an active attack on your IT infrastructure or data storage, and defending your business against a breach is stressful. The threat response strain is particularly true if your growing company has a small / no IT department. Pure IT offers you lightning-fast emergency assistance during an active attack, delivered by our team of expert responders at an affordable, fixed fee. Our threat response and removal service help you to:

  • Stop advanced attacks
  • Minimize the damage and cost of an attack
  • Reduce the recovery time

Post-Incident Analysis

The post-incident analysis provides you with a detailed retrospective of a cybersecurity failure. We carry this process out to help you understand every part of the event, from start to finish. Our solution is cross-functional, involving all the technologies involved in – or affected by – the incident. The analysis makes it easier for your team to:

  • Understand your system’s security weak points
  • Identify any user activities that contributed to an attack
  • Get security recommendations
  • Scope the damage caused by the incident

Get Back Up and Running As Soon As Possible After a Security Incident

Pure IT’s team has the experience and expertise to ensure that cybersecurity worries are no longer among your daily concerns. Our Managed Threat Response solution offers your company an end-to-end service that includes threat investigation, intrusion detection, and rapid response delivered by our team of cybersecurity experts. Do not let a successful attack cripple your business — Talk to our experts about managed threat response today.

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