How well does your business’s current software work for you? Does it improve your business operations, or does it hinder them? If you’re looking for new software design and development for your Calgary business, Pure IT is here to help you. We specialize in custom software development and design that creates a user-friendly experience. We offer this as one of our managed IT services to make sure that you can successfully engage with your business technology and use it to improve your operations.

Our Development and Design Process


When we design and develop software for your company, we use a Design First methodology. This means that we show you what your end product will look like before we even begin coding it. We do this to make sure that we create a user interface design that you and your employees can navigate easily, whether it’s a mobile application or a new website. That way, we get the software design and functionality right the first time so that you can begin using it.


After you approve the software design, we begin developing it into a functional, integrated system. We determine which technology is right for your system, whether that’s AI framework or coding bots, so that you have a solid, straightforward user experience when you use it. During this part of the process, we use a Test-Driven methodology. That means that you can give us feedback throughout the development cycle to make sure that the UX and UI designs are right for your business.


After we complete the design and development cycle, we test your software solution across multiple platforms to determine how well it functions. Once we are satisfied with its functionality and performance, we will work with your team to get rid of any kinks that remain. Then, when your software goes live, we will work with you to ensure that the software integrates well with your network and that it runs smoothly.

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Additional Software Services

At Pure IT, we don’t just hand you the software and disappear. We are a Calgary software developer that continues to work with you to improve the way that your team uses and interacts with its applications. As we work with you, we make sure that your software fits within your style of operations as well as your timelines and budgets. Software development turnaround time can range from a month to a year, and we want to perform our software solution and application development process in timelines that work best for you. Our software development services include:

  • Software Development
  • SharePoint
  • CRM Systems
  • Customer Portals
  • Public Websites
  • Software Integration
  • Social Network Integration
  • Custom Workflow
  • Document Management
  • Data Management
  • Mobile Application Development
  • UI Design
  • Branding
  • User Research

We will use our software engineering experience to create solid, easy-to-use UI and UX design for you and your colleagues and employees.

Calgary IT Services

At Pure IT, we work to create software that will improve your business processes. We have worked with a wide variety industries, ranging from oil companies to real estate, so we believe that we can tailor our services to fit your business’s needs within your industry. If you interested in our services, whether for website design or a data management system, contact us today.

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