Is Your Software Right For Your Network? 

When is the last time you made a change to the software that you use? The longer you wait to make critical software updates, the more likely you are to face challenges. An outdated operating system can have a disastrous impact on the quality of your network’s performance. Neglecting to make software upgrades in real time can leave your cybersecurity exposed and hinder your team’s overall productivity. 

That’s definitely the case when it comes to SQL Server and Windows Server 2008. Mainstream support for those two products has ended, and the extended support end date is rapidly approaching (July 9, 2019). If you’re still using either model, it’s time to make a change for your network. At Pure IT, we’re here to help your upgrade go as smoothly as possible.  

Outdated Software Means Outdated Support

In order to secure maximum uptime for your network, you need to be using equipment that has built-in support. With the window for support for SQL 2008 closing soon, you can’t afford to stick with it much longer. Installing the latest version of cutting-edge software allows you the freedom to protect your sensitive data (credit card information, passwords, etc.), work at a more efficient pace, and stick with a system that makes sense for your long-term business objectives. 

What Solution Is Right For You?

If you’re currently using SQL 2008 or Windows Server 2008, which service makes sense to migrate to? For a lot of companies, Microsoft Azure represents the next logical step forward. It offers brand new security updates, minimal application code changes, and extended support. SQL Server 2017 is another viable alternative, offering services that include superior performance, optimal availability, and real-time cloud analytics. 

Why Should I Upgrade My Technology? 

Everything might be in order for the time being, but there’s no telling when a serious issue will disrupt your system. The easiest way to stay in front of these preventable issues is by taking the time to make necessary updates to your IT, whether that’s the strength of your network, the performance of your mobile devices, or anything else that you rely on to do business. 

Pure IT delivers timely updates, installations, and adjustments to your existing system, ensuring that you’re working with the right technology solution for your unique environment. We help you make necessary changes to your IT and provide reliable support for your team every step of the way. Just because you’re migrating to new software doesn’t mean you have to make those changes on your own. With Pure IT by your side, you’ll be in the best position possible to succeed for years to come. 

Don’t let the technology you’ve relied on for so long ultimately let you down. Reach out to Pure IT today to make sure that you’re ready for the future.