Email Challenges Hit Local Calgary Organization

How long do you think you could stay productive without your email? It’s simply too important of a business tool to go without. When this Calgary organization started encountering problems with their email, they go in touch with Pure IT.

If you’re reading blogs like this one on an IT company’s site, then you’re probably in the market for better IT support, right?

Every minute you or your staff can’t work because of an IT problem (say, with your email) is a direct waste of your time and money. If your IT company isn’t responsive and prompt, then it’s not an effective relationship, simple as that.

That’s why you’re reading this article — for the exact same reason, a local Calgary small business recently got in touch with the Pure IT team. They were in need of IT help right away, so they contacted us through our website’s 24/7 chat feature:

“We’re having some IT issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible and I’m just wondering if we could have them addressed during the consult?”

Our representative immediately followed up, gathering further information to find out what type of IT issues the Calgary small business was encountering.

“We’re having some IT issues in the office – one of the computers is having difficulties logging onto email and saving onto our drive and we need to rectify the issue as soon as possible (we’re just a small business with 4 people in the office so everyone’s email is important).”

With a better understanding of their problems, our representative then set up a follow-up meeting with a member of our team to start tackling the problem:

“I recommend you speak with one of our Client Service Representatives who can best answer your request and recommend possible options for moving forward regarding the IT Consultation. What phone number and email would be best to follow up with you?”

Email Challenges in Calgary

Why Was This Calgary Organization Looking For IT Help?

When your IT isn’t working, whether it’s your email, your phones, or something else, it’s not something you can sit around and wait to get fixed. Maybe you’re encountering some of the same issues this Calgary small business was…

  1. You’re Waiting Too Long For Help: Every minute you or your staff can’t work because of an IT problem is a direct waste of your time and money. If your IT company isn’t responsive and prompt, then it’s not effective, simple as that. Don’t wait for any more than a couple of hours for a response and more than a day at most for a fix.
  2. Solutions Don’t Last:  Even if you don’t have to wait long to get a technician on-site, it’s not worth much to you if they just have to come back in a few days. Ineffective IT support often means applying a “band-aid” solution that doesn’t really get to the root of the problem. The problem is that while the hardware may work when you get it back from them, there’s no guarantee it’ll last for long. That means there’s no way of knowing how quickly you’ll have to call them again to come back and do the same thing.
  3. You’re Doing The Work: Think about the last time you or an employee called up your IT company – what was the conversation like? Did they provide support via a remote access tool? Did they come to visit on-site and fix the problem for you? Or did they just lead you through a list of steps to try to get a fix? Sure, sometimes when it’s a simple fix and you need it quick, having the person on the other end of the phone line tell you what to unplug and what to click can be an effective way to go about it. But if it’s like this every time, then that’s another story. You need an IT company that actively manages the support process – not one that tells you what to do.

Pure IT Will Solve Your Email & IT Problems

If you’re looking for Calgary IT support like this small business was, all you have to do is get in touch with our team. Our representatives are waiting to respond to your inquiry – harnessing the IT support you need is up to you.

Pure IT is here to help when you need help. Get in touch with our team to get the local IT support in Calgary that you need.

  1. Book a free consultation with our team at a time that works for you.
  2. Let us explore and understand the nature of your IT issues.
  3. Let our team apply a proven solution and get your systems running again.
  4. Get back to work with your fixed IT systems.

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