Today’s society is dominated by wireless technology and virtual cloud hosts. Nowadays, people are converting from traditional recovery strategies and using serverless backup strategies to preserve all network data. Serverless backups is a data backup process that saves data and files without the use of a computer server.

Commonly referred as a server-free backup, serverless backup eliminates the need for physical storage capacity. This means that the days of restoring server towers are vanishing. Before we know it, backup disks and flash drives will be a thing of the past and cloud storage will be the only surviving backup utility.

As physical server systems rest on the brink of extinction, it’s important to understand what serverless backups are capable of.

How Does Serverless Backup Work?

A Serverless backup is a very simple task to perform. It’s a process executed by a managed service provider, in which the MSP will back-up all files and folders that are collected on your network. This information will be stored on a powerful, centralized server that disperses all network data through the virtual cloud.

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How Long Does It Take?

The serverless backup process is a very fast restoration method compared to traditional backup strategies. This process requires less equipment and tedious activity. Traditional backup methods can take hours of time to complete. Serverless backups are time-saving solutions that can take as little as a few minutes. Of course, this is depending on the number of network files that need to be restored.

Is Serverless Backup Safe?

Don’t worry. Serverless backup is completely safe. It’s a very reliable data protection process. Unlike some individual tower servers, a centralized backup server is automatically loaded with some of the best security software. This will keep your data securely protected from any major cyber-attacks during the restoration process.

How Often Do I Need To Back-up My Data?

You should backup and restore your data on a frequent basis. Your network should be preserved as often as possible. Fortunately, many serverless backups automatically take place each day. This ensures that your network database saves all data sets.

What Equipment Do I Need?

In order to perform a serverless backup, you don’t need much equipment. There’s no need to load up on backup disks, additional backup software, or any miscellaneous technologies. Just make sure that your managed service provider has a powerful centralized server that makes great use of the virtual cloud.

Is A Serverless Backup Free?

Serverless backups are usually complimentary benefits of a managed cloud solution. If your network is supported by a virtual cloud host, then you shouldn’t have to worry about spending expensive sums on a serverless backup. Just make sure that your IT provider is compensated for their work.

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