Network security is a critical priority for a business. In a growing age controlled by wireless technology, security threats are becoming much more of a concern. Wireless devices need to be protected, especially when you are connected to the network. Nowadays, people can use a handheld computer or other mobile device to access company data even when they are away from the office. In turn, this causes employers to set up strict network policies. Employers enforce these policies to ensure that their network is safe even in remote locations.

Though security policies are important safety standards, they are simply not enough. Companies need to make sure that all employees are educated on network security basics. These basic principles will help employees keep network data safe even when it is accessed outside of the office.


To ensure that your data is always protected on-the-go, it’s best to practice these strategies:

Strong Passwords

A mobile device should always have a strong password in order to access the network. The strongest passcodes are unique phrases with at least 8 unique characters. Place an automatic lock on the network login when five or more incorrect passwords are attempted for additional security.

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Remote Wipe

A remote wipe will reset a device back to its original default setting. You should always perform a remote wipe when a mobile device is lost, stolen, or sold. It’s also wise to wipe your technology clean before any emergency repairs, but make sure to back-up your data beforehand.

Regular Backups

Speaking of backing up your data, make sure you’re doing that on a regular basis. Perform routine backups to preserve critical data that you have stored on a wireless device. This will allow you to easily recover network information if something goes wrong with your hardware.

Periodic Security Audits

Performing a security audit allows employers to see what’s in their company’s network. During this stage, you’ll be able to monitor your network for anything suspicious. This helps to ensure that your wireless device hasn’t been compromised.

Use a VPN

Virtual private networks (VPN) allow users to access private networks from remote locations. It’s a safe security measure that is supported by strong encryption defense codes. VPNs help prevent dangerous invasions and other forms of cyber-attacks.

Perform Cloud Upgrades

If your mobile device is due for an upgrade, make sure that you are connected to the virtual cloud. Do not perform an upgrade when your device is connected to a laptop or desktop workstation. Software upgrades are safest when performed wirelessly.


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