Wireless Site Surveys In Calgary

Every business owner needs to understand that a site survey is an essential part of ensuring a properly installed and fully functional wireless connection.

What Calgary Business Owners Need to Know About Wireless Site Surveys

The economic picture in Calgary is a lot brighter than it is for other areas of the country and of the world. Local governmental bodies report the following about what the landscape for Calgary may look like in the coming years:

Calgary is poised for a second successive year of positive economic growth in 2022. Population, jobs, and real economic activity are all expected to grow substantially despite a sharp increase in the cost of living.

This is great news for anyone who lives or works in the area, and it also means that there is likely to be a lot more demand for the pieces of wireless infrastructure that are needed to power a business forward. Thus, it is critically important to consider the steps that are necessary to conduct a wireless site survey for a Calgary business. You don’t want to miss these opportunities.

The Necessity of a Site Survey

First, every business owner needs to understand that a site survey is an essential part of ensuring a properly installed and fully functional wireless connection. It is impossible to determine what the radio frequency patterns will look like without conducting this survey. The walls, windows, and other parts of the building itself will play a role in disrupting the various radio waves that are necessary for the proper flow of Wi-Fi throughout a structure. Thus, a site survey must be conducted to determine how those frequencies may be disrupted and what can be done to help prevent this.

What the Survey Seeks to Accomplish

A successful site survey in Calgary will meet the following objectives:

  • Determination of the Placement of Access Points – Finding the perfect areas to place access points is one of the ultimate goals of any site survey. In addition to determining where the access points ought to be placed, determining how many access points belong in a certain area is also a by-product of the site survey.
  • Help Reach “Adequate Coverage Levels” Throughout – It is necessary to reach adequate coverage levels through the entire facility as needed. This is to say that the site survey will help make it possible to determine precisely what needs to be done to allow for the proper reach and coverage of the Wi-Fi network throughout a designated area. The knowledge of what the bare minimum coverage requirements are is a great way to start to know what else you need to add to make the coverage even stronger.
  • Provides Real Numbers for the Budget – The site survey will ultimately allow the business owner to fill in the blanks when it comes to determining the real numbers that they need to plug into their budget. They can make educated guesses at how much their Wi-Fi coverage may cost them, but they can have actual numbers plugged in when they have a site surveyed performed.

These are three major upsides to having a professional site survey done before making any changes to the status of one’s wireless connections.

Assess Existing Equipment’s Functionality

Companies that already have existing wired infrastructure may need to have that equipment assessed from time to time. Not only do they want to learn how said infrastructure is functioning right now, but they may need to review it to see how it could potentially interfere with the wireless setup that they are interested in creating at this time.

Another benefit to reviewing the existing equipment is that it may prove useful in eliminating certain areas from consideration for wireless coverage. This is to say that there are likely areas within the building that will not require wireless coverage. Employees may not use wireless hookups in those areas at all, and this would make it ideal to eliminate them from consideration for wireless functionality. After all, saving money on things like this is a sign of a well-run business.

Perfect Functionality for All Design Types

No matter the specific design of particular types of business structure, it is possible to get the proper wireless setup when one pays for a wireless site survey to verify the accessibility of various wireless services in a given location. There are clearly major differences in the needs of hospitals, municipalities, airports, universities, and more. However, they can all be better served by getting a wireless site survey performed to see where the various equipment needs to be placed in order to provide them with optimal functionality.

Troubleshooting Various Issues

The best companies in the industry will not only help others set up their wireless infrastructure needs, but they will go the extra mile and ensure that any issues that could arise from the installation of this equipment is properly handled. Troubleshooting can take many forms and may include:

  • Protocol Testing – This is a method of testing the structure of packets that are sent via the network. Those packets need to have very specific information contained within them, and the only way to verify that this is truly happening is to have experts come in and do some of the troubleshooting that is required to check up on factors like this.
  • System Configuration Review – Checking on the technical abilities of a particular networked system to meet the demands that are put on it from a security point of view as well as checking it against the standards that are expected of any piece of wireless equipment.
  • Signal Coverage Testing – This is an action that one may take to test the strength of the radio frequencies that their wireless equipment is emitting. If those signals are not strong enough, adjustments may be necessary to improve the strength and reach of the wireless signals that are produced.

These are just a few examples of the kind of troubleshooting work that can be performed. There are other tests and services that may be offered in addition to these.

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