Calgary Community Association Recruits Pure IT to Support their 2021 Technology Needs

A Thorncliffe community association was looking for a team of professionals to help them optimize, manage, and secure their IT infrastructure. They reached out to Pure IT for a quote and it wasn’t long before our team of professionals was working to develop a comprehensive IT strategy customized to meet their unique organizational needs.

Calgary Community Association Brings In Pure IT as Their Strategic IT Partner for 2021

Our team was recently contacted by a community association in a Calgary neighborhood called Thorncliffe. The association was growing and they were looking for a more strategic and efficient way to manage their IT resources. They didn’t have the time or resources to approach IT strategically on their own, so they were on the hunt for a group of Calgary IT professionals who could help them take charge of their technology.

We knew from the start this was the kind of organization we simply love to work with. They were proactive, professional, and had a clear understanding of the value that strategic IT solutions would bring to their organization. Even better? They had taken the time to really consider the kind of IT service and support they were looking for and they didn’t hesitate to reach out for professional consultation. We were impressed by our very first phone call.

The fact of the matter is, 2020 forced many businesses and organizations to accept the fact that reliable IT resources aren’t just important, they’re necessary. When the right IT solutions are properly positioned and optimized, professional teams have a much greater chance of adapting to changing or unexpected circumstances. That’s why we’re starting 2021 by encouraging all businesses and organizations to make this year the year they start getting serious and strategic about IT.

Pure IT has over 20 years of experience helping businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes develop customized IT strategies to support their operations. We pride ourselves on helping organizations implement IT solutions that drive productivity, security, and profitability. That’s why when this Thorncliffe community association approached us looking for a reliable IT partner, we knew we were the right team for the job.

We’ve also made the decision to share exactly what this organization was looking for and how we joined forces with them to bring their IT vision to life. As always, we hope to inspire other Calgary businesses and organizations by showing them that implementing dynamic and reliable IT strategies is not only possible but makes smart business sense.

What This Calgary Community Association Was Looking for in a Strategic IT Partner

Our initial contact with this Calgary community association started with their request for a quote. They were looking to make their association more official, and part of that involved better organizing their operations and informational resources using strategic IT tools. It was time to modernize their association and they wanted our help to make it happen.

Once we got to talking with them, we realized that they also had a very clear vision of what they wanted to get out of an IT partnership. Most of all they wanted website development support and overall network support to keep their operations running smoothly. When we asked them to break down the kinds of IT services and support they were looking for, they were ready with a comprehensive list of what they needed.

Here’s the IT service and support this Calgary community association was looking for:

  • Website development & maintenance – Their association didn’t have an existing web presence. In an increasingly virtual world, they thought it was time to develop a professional website where association members and the larger community could access news and resources. They wanted assistance developing and maintaining a website to represent their association.
  • Strategic IT consultation and optimization – Next, they were hoping that our organization could help them make more strategic decisions and plans regarding IT. Their existing approach to IT was very basic and was implemented in a way that was allowing them to get by with the bare minimum. They wanted our help better positioning their IT resources and optimizing every tool they deployed.
  • On-site networking support – In addition to the website development and maintenance, and strategic IT planning, they were looking for someone to help support their on-site networking. The association had a small on-site office and they wanted to be sure their IT infrastructure was consistently supported and secured to support regular operations.
  • Long-term IT planning & technical support – Finally, they were looking for an IT provider who would stay on board as their long-term strategic planning and technical support partner. Their association was growing and they wanted an IT provider who could help them keep their network running smoothly and consistently keep their IT resources up-to-date as time went on.

After our very first conversation, we knew exactly what we needed to do to support this Calgary community association. We immediately told them we were the best team for the job and that they could trust us to provide strategic, reliable, and cost-effective IT service to support their organizational missions. It wasn’t long before they agreed and our partnership was officially born.

How Pure IT Created a 2021 Technology Support Plan for This Calgary Community Association

We knew that we wanted to help this organization reach new heights with a strategic IT service and support plan. This involved helping them develop and maintain a web presence, modernizing and optimizing their on-site IT infrastructure, and also providing continual technical support and strategic consultation.

While all of this might sound like a straightforward business IT plan, we strongly believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to implementing an IT strategy. The right IT strategies are ones that are entirely customized to meet the unique operational needs and business goals of each organization we work with. That’s why we were determined to develop a custom-tailored IT service and support plan for this Calgary community association.

Here’s what we included in the 2021 IT strategy for this Calgary community association:

Initial Consultation and Systems Review 

First things first, we wanted to have a formal consultation with the team of professionals from this Calgary community association. We wanted to talk in more detail about their operational needs and the goals of the association. The more we came to understand about their organization, the better positioned we would be to modernize, optimize, and customize their IT infrastructure.

We also wanted to conduct a comprehensive review of their existing on-site IT infrastructure to get a good idea of what we were working with. Since they wanted their on-site network to be fully optimized and supported, we wanted to start by looking at where and how things could be improved.

Dynamic Website Development 

Once we had heard everything we needed to know and gotten a lay of the land, we worked closely with this team of professionals and some third parties to develop a professional and engaging website that reflected their association and its mission.

This involved making sure all their public-facing resources we organized cohesively in a single online platform. We also wanted to make sure the website was fully modernized, equipped to handle traffic flows, and designed to host engaging and interactive technologies. We made the decision to host the website entirely in the Cloud to allow for optimal access and performance.

Strategic IT Planning & Consultation 

Once the website was developed, we started making decisions about how to optimize their on-site network infrastructure and better position it to support streamlined operations. This involved consulting with association members to get a clearer idea of how they wanted strategic IT solutions to support each element of their operational workflow.

This involved having detailed conversations about IT security, mobility, and scalability. We eventually decided to migrate their entire on-site IT infrastructure to the Cloud and protected it with multiple layers of encryption and cybersecurity technology. We made sure their central IT platform was easily and securely accessible no matter where users may be logging in from. We also optimized every feature of their Cloud platform to streamline operations and boost productivity.

Ongoing Systems Support & Website Maintenance 

Once we had fully modernized and optimized their on-site IT infrastructure, we reassured them that we would remain on board as their reliable IT support partner. We would always be on call to provide technical support and would keep a close eye on their network to keep risks and problems at bay. They would have access to support whenever they needed it; 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

We also informed them that we would be constantly monitoring, managing, and maintaining their website. This would help them ensure that their public-facing online platform was always up and running and community members would always know where to find them or get in touch.

Long-Term Strategic IT Partnership 

Finally, we let the association team know that we were committed to remaining on board not just as their IT support, but as their long-term strategic IT partner. What does this mean? It means we will be there to provide consultation and guidance on all things IT for as long as they need us. We’ll also help them remain consistently current in a fast-changing world of IT.

This may mean conducting regular check-ins and reviews to make sure their systems are still serving all of their needs. It may also mean helping them stay up-to-date by introducing them to new and innovative solutions that may help them better support operations. It might also mean helping them scale their IT infrastructure as business conditions change. Whatever they need, Pure IT will be there as their trusted strategic partner.

Is Your Calgary Organization Looking to Develop a 2021 Strategic IT Plan? Pure IT Can Help You Make it Happen?

We’ve heard lots of great feedback from this Thorncliffe community association ever since we came on board as their strategic IT partner. Their website has been getting lots of traffic and it has become an invaluable communication tool for their organization. Their network remains fully-optimized and operations are running beautifully. We continue to provide support and consultation whenever and however they need it.

Is your Calgary business or organization looking for website development services or networking support? Pure IT would be honoured to serve as your strategic IT partner. We have the experience and expertise necessary to help you take your IT game to the next level. No matter the size of your business, your industry, or your unique IT needs – we can help you develop a comprehensive and reliable IT infrastructure. Looking for strategic IT support in Calgary? Pure IT is a click or call away.

Give us a call anytime at (403) 444-1800, drop us a line at, or visit our website at to book an initial consultation about IT services for your Calgary organization.

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