When you notice your network has upcoming software upgrades and transitions, you should definitely pay attention to them. If you don’t stay aware of upcoming software transitions, updates, and upgrades, your business may face downtime. When that happens, you’ll be unable to serve your customer base, and business can stall. Keep reading for information on a successful software update, upgrade, and transition period.

The Problem

A client of more than 20 years had multiple pieces of software that had reached their end-of-life (EOL) stages. This client manufactures high-quality insulating products that are designed to improve the energy efficiency of commercial and residential buildings. Their main expertise lies in manufacturing expanded polystyrene foam products (EPS), and they employ over 300 people in Canada and the United States to produce these insulation products. Because of that, they could not afford any downtime when they realized their software was due for updates.

The client got their board of directors’ approval to upgrade their software, so they reached out to Pure IT for a quote for those products and services.

The Solution

We gave them a company-wide upgrade of their Citrix Remote Desktop System, and we upgraded their virtualization technology’s infrastructure to improve their cloud services. We also successfully implemented email server migration from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2016, and provided Support for Microsoft Licensing. The client’s most important request was that we perform these upgrades, updates, and transitions with little to no disruption, since they have 24/7 operations.

The Result

The client reported experiencing a seamless transition. They saw many performance improvements with their new cloud environment, and users approved of the software upgrades. We were able to provide them with these upgrades without any disruption by running the new virtualized cloud environment in parallel with their old one. That way, we could perform the upgrades, updates, and transitions in the new environment while their employees worked with colleagues and customers in the old environment.

We also eliminated disruptions and downtime by conducting thorough research and testing before we implemented their new solutions. For instance, we considered using Office 365 to provide their new cloud environment, but after we tested it, we decided to implement another cloud service that would meet the client’s needs more fully.

Additionally, we made sure we stayed aware of peripheral problems that occurred during the process. This included a firewall going down. By being responsive and acting quickly when we noticed the problem, we were able to repair it and move forward without disrupting the client’s 24/7 operations.

IT Solutions for Your Calgary-Area Business

If you would like smooth processes for software upgrades, updates, and transitions, contact us today. We can implement new software products so you can use them as your old software reaches its EOL date. We also offer software vendor management. If you need help with upgrades, we can transition you to the new product and navigate its life cycle.

Pure IT has the experience and strong commitment to service to be your next managed service partner!