Cochrane Construction Company Enlists Pure IT To Set Up & Optimize SharePoint Sites

Our team was recently contacted by a construction company from Cochrane that was looking for support from a professional IT company. They were looking to enlist our help setting up SharePoint sites to optimize their office-to-field operations. We were immediately eager to help them make it happen.

Pure IT Provides Dynamic SharePoint Support for Cochrane Construction Company

Just the other day our team of IT professionals was contacted by a construction company from Cochrane, Alberta. This team of Canadian construction professionals was hoping that we could offer them support as they attempted to set up and optimize SharePoint sites to support their daily operations.

We were immediately excited to work with this organization. We were impressed by the fact that they had done their research and had come to understand the value that a solution like SharePoint could offer their business. We were even more impressed that they took the initiative to reach out to a team of IT professionals for consultation and support. A business that understands the value of strategic IT solutions and isn’t afraid to recruit professional help is the exact kind of company we want to work with.

Luckily, we knew that we had the exact experience and expertise required to partner with them and provide professional SharePoint guidance. We pride ourselves on being the best SharePoint specialists in Alberta and we have helped countless construction and contracting businesses implement and optimize SharePoint sites to support their daily operations.

Needless to say, we were eager to help. Further, we thought it would be a great idea to breakdown exactly what this construction company was looking for in terms of SharePoint support and explain how we put our expertise to work in support of their operational needs. Our hope is that by sharing our experience with this client, other Alberta businesses looking for SharePoint consultation will know they can turn to Pure IT with any questions or requests they might have.

First Things First: What is SharePoint Exactly?

Before we start breaking down what this Cochrane construction company was looking for and how Pure IT provided the guidance and support they needed, let’s talk a little bit about SharePoint. SharePoint is a dynamic Microsoft solution that allows businesses to create reliable and agile intranet websites to support and optimize their operations.

The great thing about SharePoint is that businesses can customize the sites they create to meet their unique operational needs. Above all, SharePoint makes it possible to store, access, organize, and share critical business data in one secure location. Even better, you can access SharePoint sites on-the-go and from any device. All users need to access SharePoint sites is a device with access to any internet browser including Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox.

SharePoint offers a reliable and easy-to-use virtual solution that makes it easy for organizations to centralize important data and streamline information sharing. This is especially useful for construction companies who are always looking for ways to create stronger lines of communication between office and job site staff. Long story short, it made perfect sense to us that this Cochrane construction company had made the decision to implement SharePoint.

What This Cochrane Construction Company Needed: Support With All Things SharePoint

The request we received from this Cochrane construction company was really refreshing for a few reasons. As we mentioned, it was very impressive that they had taken the time to learn about SharePoint as a strategic solution and reach out for professional consultation. For other Alberta businesses who might be on the fence about calling in a team of IT experts, take this as your sign to make the call – amazing things can happen once you do.

However, what was even more impressive about this company, was that they had also taken the time to figure out what exactly they wanted from SharePoint. They had examined their operational workflow to determine exactly why SharePoint was the right choice and how it should be implemented to support their unique operational needs and business goals.

Here’s a breakdown of how they wanted to use SharePoint to enhance their operations:

  • Data and resource centralization – They wanted a simple, secure, and strategic solution that would allow them to store all jobs and information in one accessible location, meaning they could say goodbye to the days of scattered project data.
  • Streamlined communication – They wanted a quicker and simpler way of handing off projects and important information to relevant team members so they could avoid communication breakdown.
  • Process automation – They wanted to start taking advantage of technology to automate processes and notifications in a way that eliminated oversights, wasted-time, and tediousness.
  • Modernized mobility – They wanted a dynamic solution that could be used by team members both in the field and the office so as to enhance collaboration and create a reliable bridge between the job site and the office.

Talk about taking the time to understand how technology might help your business! Above all, the manager for this construction company was eager to discuss our SharePoint support services so that we could determine the best way to implement SharePoint sites and position them for optimal operations.

Here’s How Pure IT Came On Board to Support this Cochrane Construction Company

We wasted no time and immediately got on the phone with this proactive business leader to explain how we could help them get everything they wanted out of SharePoint. Below you’ll find a breakdown of the SharePoint service and support that we proposed for their business.

We pride ourselves on being able to meet the needs of any business – no matter the industry and no matter the solution we might be working with. If you’re wondering how Pure IT might be able to help your business implement and optimize SharePoint, keep read on for the inside scoop on our dynamic and strategic approach.

Here’s how we came together to support our newest client deploy SharePoint strategically:

Comprehensive Operational Review & SharePoint Consultation 

First things first, we wanted to get a detailed lay of the land. As we mentioned this construction company had already done a lot of the leg work to determine how SharePoint might best support their operations. Now it was our turn to take a look at their operational workflow from end-to-end.

Our goal here was to determine the exact processes, data sharing methods, and avenues of communication that are the most important to this business team. This way, we would have a solid understanding of how to best position SharePoint for optimal performance. We also took the time to look at their existing IT infrastructure and make suggestions about what resources they could eliminate once SharePoint was put in place.

Streamlined SharePoint Site Implementation 

Once we had a good idea of the best way to position SharePoint for this company, we got to work developing a strategic and streamlined plan for implementing the solution. This involved taking their schedule and business continuity into account. Above all, we worked to develop a SharePoint implementation plan that was efficient in order to eliminate downtime and business disruption.

We also committed ourselves to remain by their side through the entire transition from their traditional project management infrastructure to the new SharePoint solution. No matter what, we ensured that they felt comfortable using the new technology and we didn’t eliminate any of their old infrastructure solutions until they were ready to go full-throttle with SharePoint.

Long-Term SharePoint Optimization & Support

Finally, we told this business from the start that we would stay on board as strategic SharePoint consultants for their organization. Implementing new IT solutions can be a real game-changer for any business, however, it always comes with a learning curve and the need to address unforeseen issues.

That’s why it was so important for us to stay partnered with this organization. Over time, we’ll have the ability to help them master every feature SharePoint has to offer and address any problems they experience head-on. We’ll also have the ability to help them continually optimize their SharePoint sites to ensure they are positioned to support short-and-long-term goals as business conditions evolve.

Need Professional SharePoint Support in Alberta? Pure IT is Here to Help!

More than anything, we are incredibly happy to have this new client on board with us and we are grateful that they trusted us to help them bring modernized operations to life with SharePoint. We love nothing more than seeing Alberta businesses continue growing and evolving with the help of strategic IT solutions and support.

We hope that this article has helped other Alberta businesses realize the value that SharePoint might bring to their organization – especially in an increasingly virtual work world. Further, we hope business leaders can come to understand just how valuable the right IT service and support can be – especially when implementing new solutions.

Are you looking for SharePoint consultation in Alberta? Is your company ready to streamline operations with the help of strategic IT specialists? Make the call to Pure IT today. Our team of IT professionals will work alongside you to determine the best IT solutions for your business, and the best way to implement and position them for optimal operations.

Give us a call anytime at (403) 444-1800, drop us a line at, or visit our website at to book a SharePoint consultation.

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