Protect Your Critical Infrastructure

What sort of solution do you have in place for when things go south for your IT? You have insurance for your house and car, so why not have a similar level of protection for your technology? Cyber insurance is a category of insurance that helps businesses and individuals against internet-based liability, including a host of cyberattacks and other potential issues. Whether you’re concerned about your data backup and recovery services, or insecure about how effective your network security solution is at repelling threats, it’s always a smart choice to invest in cybersecurity and data protection.

What is Cyber Insurance?

Although coverage might change depending on the provider, most areas covered remain fairly similar: data breaches, identity theft, and personal data theft are primary concerns for most business owners. Recovering your stolen or compromised data and other sensitive information can be a long, complicated process if you don’t have the right tools in place. Other areas that might be included in a cyber insurance plan include business interruption, intrusion protection, and general liability concerns.

How Else Can You Protect Your Network?

The more resources you have at your disposal, the more likely your cybersecurity solution is to succeed. Working with a provider that can secure your entire network, as well as specific hardware and software you use, is critical for maintaining steady, predictable production and avoiding unnecessary downtime. Pure IT specializes in delivering well-rounded security solutions that are custom-tailored to your exact needs, and give you the freedom to work hard without having to devote an overwhelming amount of your day worrying about your cybersecurity. For everything from mobile device protection to scalable plans for your small business, Pure IT is here to help protect every part of your infrastructure.

What Solutions Do We Offer?

Network Security

Using cutting-edge software from industry-leading providers like Sophos and Cisco Meraki, Pure IT makes sure your entire network is accounted for. We recognize that you can’t afford to devote as much time to your cybersecurity as you can to your daily workload—that’s why it makes sense to have an experienced provider by your side. Our team understands the demands of running a business and will work hard to help ensure you are defended against both new and existing cyber threats so that both of our teams will thrive for years to come.

Penetration & Vulnerability Testing

Are you aware of where your weak points are in your network? Without a thorough examination of your infrastructure, it’s impossible to know until a hacker tries to breach your network. Pure IT’s penetration and vulnerability testing uncover parts of your IT environment that might otherwise have been neglected entirely, or at least not been updated. As the sophistication of cyberthreats grows, it’s imperative that your network security grows at the same rate. Stay ahead of the curve, and make sure you’re checking for blind spots with Pure IT.

Managed Threat Security 

It might seem like there are countless threats out there, so much so that it’s impossible to prepare yourself to deal with them all. Pure IT’s managed threat security offering protects your network from what you may not even have realized that you were exposed to. Maintain control over your technology, and secure the future of your company with Pure IT.

If you are beginning to evaluate your current cybersecurity risks, trust in Pure IT. Our team will work with you to determine the best security plan for your business’ unique needs and budget and help consult you on the right cybersecurity coverage, if necessary. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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