Cybersecurity Services For Calgary Accounting Firms

The fast-paced technological advancement witnessed in the past two decades has brought about immense changes in many sectors. For instance, a decade ago, e-commerce was unheard of, and now it has become a significant part of our daily lives. Similarly, financial services have also undergone tremendous transformations in terms of technology and globalization over the years.

But the other side of the coin is, this transformation has led to new challenges such as increased cyber threats. In this article, we will discuss some of these cybersecurity issues faced by accounting firms. We will also provide solutions to help you overcome them and effectively protect your firm from cyber attacks.

Top 5 Cybersecurity Threats Facing Calgary Accounting Firms

  1. Malware & Ransomware – The first thing that comes into mind when people hear the word “cyber” is malicious software like ransomware. Wouldn’t you agree? It is a highly harmful malware which encrypts data on infected devices then demands ransom for decrypting sensitive information. If you haven’t been hit yet with this virus, it’s not a question of if, but when your firm may get the call.
  2. Identity Theft – Financial institutions and accounting firms are among the most common targets of identity theft. And it comes as no surprise since these organizations usually deal with extremely valuable client-specific and firm-specific data. If you think your clients are giving away lots of personal or confidential information over social media sites, you have every reason to be concerned.
  3. Phishing – Another type of attack commonly seen in the industry is phishing. It involves sending targeted emails containing links or attachments to lure unsuspecting users by impersonating legitimate websites. Once clicked upon, the link sends them to a fake website containing malware. As soon as the user enters confidential information, their device gets infected. You can prevent this kind of attack by using reputable online banking platforms.
  4. Insider Threats – Although there’s no denying that any company faces a threat of external intrusions, insider threats happen more frequently than you’d expect. A disgruntled employee could hack into your network or infect your computers via a USB drive. Or even worse, someone who works at your competitor might steal trade secrets and use them against you. To avoid this, ensure that all employees undergo proper screenings before getting hired.
  5. Distributed Denial of Service Attack – DDoS is a very effective way hackers can shut down your website temporarily or indefinitely. This includes cases where attackers overload servers with requests until resources run dry. While you can manage a DDOS attack by hiring specialized security companies, it’s far better to prevent it altogether by having a robust IT infrastructure.

How can Pure IT Help Your Calgary Accounting Firm Overcome Cyber Threats?

We offer our clients comprehensive solutions to protect their systems from all sorts of cyber threats. Our team consists of certified professionals specializing in various technologies ranging from hardware and networking to endpoint detection and remote management tools. From a single point of contact, we provide 24×7 monitoring and support services to ensure smooth operations throughout the year. Our experts also perform regular audits and scans to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses to help reduce risks, improve efficiency, and enhance productivity.

We also offer:

A Comprehensive Monitoring Program

You work hard to build your business, don’t let anything jeopardize its future. That’s why we’re committed to keeping your cyber defenses secure. As part of our monthly service plans, we monitor your IT environment around the clock for signs of intrusion. Depending on how sophisticated the incursion is, we can send alerts immediately. We also conduct detailed scans every week, looking for loopholes left open by previous breaches.

Dedicated Support Team

We understand that dealing with technical glitches isn’t easy. That’s why our support team is available round the clock to answer technical questions and assist with any concerns you may have regarding your IT systems. Through phone calls, emails, chat sessions, and video conferences, our agents will address any issue related to operating your computer networks efficiently.

Remote Access Tools

To fix problems onsite without compromising your data, we provide virtual private servers for daily usage. These allow us to remotely connect to any server through a dedicated connection that can be accessed via various devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops. Not only does this benefit clients who want to check on their systems anytime they like, but it gives us greater visibility and control over IT environments.

Cybersecurity compliance

The recent proliferation of internet-connected devices has opened doors to malicious activities. The riskiest scenario can result in the exposure of sensitive data, which could put both your reputation and finances at stake. That’s why we make sure to comply with regulatory standards to safeguard your privacy and confidentiality. Being PCI-compliant assures clients that no credit card details fall into the wrong hands. In addition, we follow industry-standard guidelines set by Know Your Customer requirements to reduce fraud risk.

Security Awareness Training

If an employee needs additional training or refresher courses on cybersecurity best practices, you can count on us for online training. We are constantly updating ourselves, so we know what measures should be taken to mitigate any threat. We take this responsibility seriously since it affects not only your company’s reputation but also the safety of the tons of customers whose personal information is stored on your cloud drive.

Pure IT: Cybersecurity Services For Calgary Accounting Firms

Pure IT is a leading provider of managed IT services, Microsoft solutions, and cybersecurity. Our expertise lies in building customized solutions to protect your organization from threats of all kinds. We pride ourselves on providing proactive assistance during emergencies such as virus attacks, malware outbreaks, ransomware intrusions, spam campaigns, and website defacements. Our skilled staff consists of experienced professionals ready to help you stay safe from cybercriminals.

Some of the most trusted organizations in Canada turn to us when they need to maintain their networks and IT systems. Each company has unique needs, so the solution we recommend depends on what each individual requires. We’ve worked alongside healthcare institutions, financial companies, manufacturing firms, government agencies, accounting firms, and more. So don’t hesitate to reach out to us today; whether you prefer consulting or hosting, we provide various options to suit your budget and requirements!

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