Cybercrime is always evolving, so your cybersecurity should evolve, too. If it doesn’t, your network will be left open to a large number of security threats. At Pure IT, we offer network security solutions that will protect you from threats including malware, ransomware, and social engineering scams like phishing emails. When you have more security solutions in place, your network will be protected as threats evolve and become more advanced. 

When you partner with Pure IT for security services, you will receive security solutions that include:

Penetration and Vulnerability Testing

These are forms of security testing that determine how well your security solutions respond to threats before real threats put your network security to the test. Here’s how these two testing systems work:

  • Penetration Testing: Pen tests are dynamic exercises that push your network’s information security to its limits. These tests simulate specific events, including data corruption, hardware failures, power outages, malware and ransomware, phishing attacks, computer viruses, and worms and spam. These simulations test your security solutions’ threat detection and response so that you can figure out where it falls short. Once you know your solutions’ shortcomings, we can help you bring them up to speed so they will stop even advanced threats.
  • Vulnerability Scans: These scans are a more static way of detecting security vulnerabilities. Instead of simulating network intrusions and cyber attacks, vulnerability scans examine your network defenses to identify vulnerabilities that hackers and other threats could exploit.

Why should you examine your network security with these tools? You should use penetration testing tools and vulnerability scanners to figure out how your network responds to security threats before real ones put your data and your operations in danger. It’s similar to how car companies test their vehicles before they put them on the road. You should learn how your security solutions respond to simulated threats so that you can figure out how to improve their threat and incident responses before they have to stop an actual threat.

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Managed Threat Security

Your network should have solutions in place that provide managed detection for any threats that pop up. If you are unsatisfied with your current security management solution, we can offer you Sophos Intercept X. We are Platinum Partners with Sophos, so we can offer our clients the highest-level solutions with this software. Intercept X include CryptoGuard, which prevents ransomware from performing malicious, spontaneous encryption of your data. It also offers a deep-learning neural network and in-depth behavioral analysis, both of which help stop known and unknown ransomware attacks. By implementing Intercept X, you can feel sure that your network security solutions will be strong enough to provide dynamic threat prevention on a day-to-day basis. 

Cybersecurity in Calgary

At Pure IT, our network security solutions and managed security services will stop threats before they happen by detecting network vulnerabilities before hackers exploit them. We can help you beef up security for your hardware and your web applications so that your Calgary business can operate smoothly. If you are interested in our cybersecurity services, or if you have any questions about them, contact us today.

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