A Brief Guide to All-Inclusive Fortinet Support in Calgary

Digital transformation is key to connecting your company to global markets. It also makes life much easier for your clients and employees. But, embracing new technologies always carries an inherent risk.

Your systems are under constant threats that grow in scale and malice with each passing day. Consequently, conversations by thought leaders, security experts, and governments have shifted to securing core systems from such threats.

Hackers have also upped their game. Fortunately, an active firewall can keep your company ahead of the conversation. It can also keep all cyber attackers at bay.

But, where to start with implementing effective firewalls and other counter-measures can be challenging. That’s where Fortinet support in Calgary comes in to save the day.

Support For Fortinet Firewalls In Calgary

What Is Fortinet?

As the name suggests, Fortinet provides all the solutions that you’d need to fortify your network. That’s not a play on words, Fortinet Security Fabric architecture addresses even the most complex security challenges for enterprises of all sizes and even governments.

They have a solution for any digital setting ranging from networked down to mobile environments. That’s they rank as the # 1 company in shipped cybersecurity appliances worldwide.

Fortinet’s all-inclusive cybersecurity fabric covers:

  1. Security-Driven Networking
  2. Dynamic Cloud Security
  3. AI-Driven Security Operations
  4. Zero-Trust Network Access

This shows that they have products that provide a stellar performance for every conceivable threat.

Innovative Solutions and Fortinet Support in Calgary

Sometimes, you may feel that your security challenge is to unique or challenging to solve. But, this brand cuts through all the noise with products that get the job done the right way.

Result! Your company spends less time, effort, and money looking for a solution. The best thing with Fortinet’s product list is it’s intuitive that it points you to the right solution.

Here are some of their top-selling product classes.

NGFW (Next-Generation Firewalls)

Why settle for outdated technologies when you can have the latest in dynamic firewall protection. FortiGate NGFW has various devices and software endpoint solutions that deliver exactly that. This list of models is so inclusive that it carries a solution for start-ups to state-level security.

Web Application Security

Your business’ web infrastructure and applications are under constant threat. Your counter-measure may work, but hackers exploit laxities occasioned by updates that expose refreshed Web APIs. FortiWeb provides the solution to your enterprise needs.

They are available as:

  1. Hardware
  2. Virtual machines
  3. SaaS
  4. Cloud-based solutions
  5. Container devices

No threat is too sophisticated for such diverse cybersecurity counter-measures.

Secure SD-WAN

Does your business have branches scattered to remote locations? Well, you shouldn’t have to deal with network downtimes and other hindrances to your cloud-based applications. FortiGate SD-WAN has various models that fit any form factor or architectural configuration.

They also have FortiManager to help your company manage and monitor networked devices.

Deception-based Breach Protection

According to this report, critical data breaches account for 66% of data breaches came from external sources. The other 33% stem from internal sources. You can rest assured against such breaches with FortiDeceptor. They have both hardware options and virtual machines to keep your cloud and hardware safe.

Why Should You Trust the Fortinet Brand?

A cost-benefit analysis is the healthiest way to make decisions when it comes to your tech systems. But, sometimes, your hardware may fail to deliver an ROI value to your company. With Fortinet’s devices and supplementary solutions, you can rest easy. They have a solution for any challenge that meets the scale and cost preference of any enterprise.

  • Security fabric integration: This feature of Fortinet’s product allows enterprises to make digital innovations without compromising their cybersecurity. It helps automate workflows by integrating all your systems eliminating the complexities of networking multiple devices.
  • Enterprise-class management: They have products that reduce the time spent on managing repetitive tasks. This frees staff to attend to clients and other business processes.
  • Advanced and proactive threat defence: Fortinet’s products are the first line of defence against malicious cyber-attacks for over 5 million clients worldwide.

Pure IT: Look No Further For Fortinet Support in Calgary

Fortinet is a powerful brand with robust solutions that are convenient for any business need. But, robust solutions often intimidate even the largest corporations. Don’t worry. Your company, too, can wield such power though all-inclusive Fortinet Support in Calgary.

Get that support here at Pure IT. We have over ten years of experience in providing specialized consulting, management, and IT support services to many companies in Calgary and further afield. Our competent staff consists of seasoned and passionate IT specialists. They won’t stop at quick fixes but will stay on task until your business is back online.

If that intrigues you, feel free to speak to one of such experts at 403-444-1800, and your first consultation is on us. Alternatively, you can also email us at info@pureit.ca.

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