Hiring Internal IT Resources In Calgary?

Hiring an internal IT resource for your Calgary organization? Why? Outsourcing IT support makes better sense. Talk to Pure IT.

Hiring Internal IT Resources In Calgary? Think Again

If you are considering the hiring of internal IT resources for service within your Calgary business, it’s in your best interests to rethink that intention before moving forward. Maintaining your own internal IT team can be prohibitively expensive. With the current labour shortage affecting many industries, including IT, outsourcing makes even more sense.

Competition is fierce for access to the most talented and experienced IT professionals. The ones you need to protect sensitive data against security breaches and prevent technical issues from disrupting operations.

Outsourcing internal IT services can offer superior savings and benefits. Review the information provided, then Contact Pure IT to discuss how outsourced IT services and support, as well as managed Microsoft solutions, could help your business save cash. Obtain full-time IT network protection by a team of talented IT professionals is a wise decision at any time. During a labour shortage like the one we are facing, it may be the only way to obtain access to top-level talent.

The Cost of Hiring Your own Internal IT Resources in Calgary

Hiring a tech-savvy team to manage your IT program, or even one skilled and experienced IT manager, to oversee the IT needs of a small to medium-sized business in Calgary, can be costlier than anticipated. Even many large enterprises recognize the value of managed services.

In addition to the total expense of salary and benefits for each team member, there is the recruitment cost to consider. This can be extensive if time and effort is taken to seek out and sign the best crew members for your particular enterprise.

In 2016, the Human Capital Benchmarking Report by the Society for Human Resource Management found that it takes an average of 42 days to fill an open position. The average cost was found to be $4,129.  Costs certainly haven’t dropped since the study was completed. In most cases, they have increased.

What’s the bottom line on the actual salary cost for a Calgary IT tech support specialist?

We plugged some information into PayScale.com for an average IT tech support specialist in Calgary, and came up with a salary estimate: from $39k to $73k per year. You can visit PayScale and plug in your own relevant information, to determine the average salary for the particular type of employee title you’re seeking to hire in Calgary, or any city of your choosing. Multiply that by however many staff members you plan to hire. You’ll have a ballpark figure of what payroll for your own IT team will cost.

And then there are the benefits:

  • Health-related perks like health insurance and wellness programs.
  • Vacation pay.
  • Sick leave.
  • Payroll taxes (employer’s share).
  • In-service training and certification.
  • Office space.
  • Office equipment and resources

Advantages of Outsourcing Internal IT Services – Addressing the Talent Shortage

Outsourcing IT support, in the majority of cases, costs less.

The bottom line is important, but that’s far from the only reason to go with outsourcing internal IT services, as this Forbes post offering signs a company should outsource IT notes. No one knows when something may go wrong. That’s why 24/7 coverage is essential. Opting for an outsourced internal IT service is the only practical, affordable way to get it.

With the labour shortage today, outsourcing may be the only way to access the benefits of the most talented professionals skilled and experienced in IT service and support.

So, for the benefit of your company, think again before hiring your own IT support team.

In addition to the obvious reduced payroll expense, benefit, infrastructure requirements of foregoing your own IT staff, here’s a list to check out of the top benefits reaped from hiring an outsourced IT service.

  • Full-time management & monitoring
  • Full-service help desk support.
  • On-site support.
  • Security of data through various options for backup.
  • Disaster recovery services.
  • Network monitoring.
  • Hardware as a service.

Fractional IT Professionals Support Your Business’ Success

Fractional professionals offer their speciality services to a number of employers, allowing the employers access to their expertise, without having to provide a salary and full-time benefits. Outsourcing of internal IT services is an example of such a relationship.

Businesses are in need of ongoing IT services, but many lack the time and resources to hire the full-time staff they need. Association with a managed IT company provides full-time coverage for less cost than hiring a comparable internal IT team.

Making use of the principle of fractional IT professionals positively impacts business success in several important ways:

1. Value for Dollars Spent

You will gain an entire team versus one person, for the same cost, or maybe even less. The value of this service for security and seamless function of your IT department cannot be over stressed.

2. IT and Software Support 

You will gain expertise in all areas of IT and software by taking advantage of outsourced services. Not just the skills supporting a single job role.

3. Access to the Latest Technology Trends

A managed services IT company will keep you up to date on the latest, greatest technology trends, tools and services. A company specializing in IT can afford to invest in the latest products and services much earlier than an internal IT department within an independent company focused on another industry could.

A company whose whole business is focused on IT will even provide you with the most recent cybersecurity news. Being aware of the latest risks is the first step in being proactive to prevent them. A company whose business is protecting client data will also offer direct suggestions, even train your staff to become better aware of imminent risk.

4. Outsourcing Provides Ease of Access When High-Caliber Talent is Scarce 

Seeking to hire IT staff today requires even more than average time and expense. Outsourcing offers a simple solution.

Pure IT specializes in providing local Calgary IT support and security and support for Microsoft-Based technologies. We stay up to date on the latest trends in technology and keep customers informed of best practices for preventing prevalent security breaches.

We will be pleased to discuss how our services can help your business save money, prevent gaps in service due to system malfunction, protect data, and gain access to an experienced, talented IT professional during a labour shortage. Why waste time and money seeking to hire internal IT resources.  Our team is poised to provide service to businesses in  Calgary, Alberta and Western Canada.