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Many businesses are gravitating towards managed services for IT security solutions as managed service becomes growing. The priority for MSPs is because they have the resources, technology, and expertise to enhance IT efficiencies and improve network security. The outsourcing of IT security is, therefore, the best approach to detect threats and stop attacks. Managed service providers take a proactive approach to IT security management by assessing, detecting, and responding to threats.

However, there is always an issue of cost when deciding between managed services and a break/fix IT security model. Some businesses choose to use the break/fix model for commercial purposes since it is cheaper and doesn’t command much. MSPs, on the other hand, charges a monthly fee for each service offered. In the process, they will demand a monthly for the agreed period, and your business will be obligated to pay the amount depending on the terms of the agreement. If you are worried about the cost of managed IT support, here is a breakdown of everything you need to know about IT support costs per user in Calgary.

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Benefits of Managed IT Services

Outsourcing your IT support to a managed service provider is associated with a proactive approach to cybersecurity. One of the best value propositions about IT support from third parties is a reduction in operation costs. Businesses can save up to 40 percent of operating expenses when they outsource IT services. The MSPs handle all kinds of IT issues, including network monitoring solutions and support at a fee.

Most Calgary IT Services companies will first charge a reasonable fee to offer the services with businesses required to pay a fixed monthly fee for maintenance. The pay varies depending on the services provided. For example, an MSP offering monitoring and subsequent support will charge higher than a company offering only network monitoring with the business dealing with any resolution. If the contract with an MSP involves solving the detected issues, you will have to pay more costs.

IT Support Costs Per User In Calgary Since 2010

How Much Does IT Support Cost Per User?

The cost of IT support is always a big deal depending on several factors such as location, business requirements, and the technical experience of service providers. In essence, the prices for IT support vary across cities and businesses. The cost will vary depending on whether it is charged per user, per device, or site. This means the IT service offered per server will be higher than those set per device.

Most MSPs offer a flat-rate to IT services as the primary offering before calculating the actual cost depending on the number of applications and users. Hence, the providers will bill an upfront fee before agreeing on an ongoing monthly payment throughout the contract period of at least one year.

The per-user pricing model for IT services entails charging a flat fee per the end-user. This is where the managed support provider covers IT support on all user devices with a flat per-user fee covering all devices. Users are the number of employees who have a desktop or laptop they use to access technology systems. The number of employees acceding your technology systems will reflect on the cost paid to the managed service providers. In essence, there is an exciting relationship between the number of users and the pricing model for IT support.

A company with a smaller number of users may not necessarily lower the price per user since support should include centrally shared resources such as networks, servers, and other critical infrastructure. However, having few users with few applications can mean lower costs of IT support.

When measured in a per-device pricing model, business is charged based on the number of devices available. This means there is a flat rate for each device used by users in an organization. In most cases, computers are charged an average of 70 dollars per month per desktops, servers charge an average of $300 dollars per month per server while managed networks charge 200 dollars per month per company. This model is straightforward and simplifies how a business will be billed to protect their systems.

Based on these estimates, an average IT support service cost for a company with one server and five workstations is $900 per month. In some instances, the providers will charge an onboarding fee equal to a one-month service price. A managed service provider may offer a contract of between $500 and $1000 dollars per month covering all applications for small businesses.

The average cost for a fully-managed IT support service is $100 dollars per user per month. This means if your manufacturing business has 50 employees and a 24/7 production operation, then you will be charged $5000 dollars per month. While everyone would prefer a lower cost to their IT support, the lower price is associated with low-quality services of a limited number of services offered to leave you exposed.

IT Support Costs Per User In Calgary

The Complexity Of Your Business

One of the factors to consider when assessing IT support costs is the complexity of your business. Before signing any contract with a managed service provider, you need to determine what is included in the service offering and what is not included. Most flat-rate managed IT support contracts will cover existing users, systems, and applications.

The managed IT support providers often offer a flat-rate pricing for their services that entails a predictable expense. The flat-rate pricing means a business knows how much it will pay for the number of services provided. It also helps companies to budget for the IT services because they are aware of the flat rate.

There is a direct relationship between the number of business applications you have in your business and your IT systems’ complexity. The applications are needed to run a business, including CRM, ERP, or accounting systems that many companies use. Companies with simple applications will need a single server without a lot of data, and therefore cost less than those with a complex environment.

IT support’s cost should be lower for small business owners than middle or large corporations because the services are not complicated. Large corporations leveraging multiple core applications will have a complex environment with multiple servers. For example, a business with both local and cloud-based storage will have more data and more significant security needs. Hence, they will have to incur higher costs in IT support.

Bottom Line: Speak With Pure IT & Learn How Much Awesome IT Support Costs Your Calgary Business Per User

Managed IT service is a valuable option for anyone requiring a proactive and round-the-clock approach to IT security. It is a worthy investment to have a company protect your networks from any threats that can affect your business recovery. However, businesses should be prepared to pay the necessary price to acquire the best IT support services. The MSPs are not priced equally across the city or country and will vary their rates based on the company’s specific product offerings, location, and size. They will also customize their prizes to meet the needs of a business.

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