The managed IT sector continues to enjoy vertical growth as companies of every size are outsourcing part or all of their needs to third party experts. And, the industry shows no signs that it will do anything but expand in the coming years.

“The demand for IT managed services is believed to remain high in the upcoming years. These factors are believed to supplement the expansion of the global market of IT managed services market with a CAGR of 8.38 percent during the period 2016-2023,” according to MarketWatch.

“Furthermore, the global IT managed services market is expected to account USD 262.5 Billion by the end of 2023 from USD 149.41 Billion in 2016.”

Such remarkable growth begs a straightforward question: why? And that is what entrepreneurs and other industry leaders should be thinking about if you have yet to invest in managed IT services in Calgary.

The Real Reason To Choose Pure I.T As Your Trusted Managed IT Services in Calgary

Why Has Managed IT Services Surged?

One of the primary reasons that decision-makers enlist the support of managed IT services in Calgary has to do with the business model. It may seem counterintuitive to managed IT outfits, but many organizations do not necessarily opt into agreements for cost efficiency alone. While cost remains a pertinent factor, there are a wealth of benefits inherent to the business model that sometimes outpace cost. These are common benefits that thought leaders rank as high or higher than low monthly or annual fees.

  • Managed IT improves the effectiveness and dependability of overall operations
  • Managed IT improves cybersecurity
  • Managed IT augments a company’s ability to remain in compliance
  • Outsourcing delivers proactive solutions and maintenance
  • Outsourcing yields a reliable return on investment
  • Partial outsourcing and staff augmentation give in-house personnel greater flexibility
  • Working with a third-party expert enhances access to emerging technology and innovation
  • Reliable managed IT services provide sustainable continuity

Although the ability to budget managed IT services on a monthly or annual basis may not necessarily be the primary driver, financial officers generally favours outsourcing because it reduces overhead. If you surf the internet reading posts that explain the reasons why managed IT ranks among the more savvy business decision, you encounter bullet point lists much like the one above. In the interest of clarity, let’s drill down on a couple of the significant benefits.

How Managed IT Improves Efficiency and Reliability

Organizations with more than 100 team members often find that managed IT services in Calgary delivers this benefit in spades. That’s largely because in-house IT teams quickly become overburdened. The cost of hiring enough employees to monitor networks, ensure seamless connectivity, and put out all those digital fires often calls for more staff members that budgets allow. Those are just fiscal realities.

Many organizations — including their in-house IT staff members — look at outsourcing managed IT as a collaborative effort. Initial consultations bring the relevant parties together to discuss which portions of an overall IT strategy are best outsourced. Key stakeholders in the discussion generally include CEOs, CFOs, IT staff, department heads, and the third-party contractor, among others. What comes out of the high-level talks is a new and more robust IT strategy.

How Managed IT Improves Cybersecurity

Remaining competitive has many companies shifting to Cloud-based data and increased endpoint device usage. Policies such as Bring Your Own Device and work-from-home allow businesses to get access to high-level talent and drive profits remotely. By that same token, wireless networking can leave your system vulnerable.

When an organization outsources its cybersecurity oversight to a managed IT provider, you gain up-to-date knowledge and expertise. From a financial and resource perspective, sending staff members to cybersecurity conferences or expecting them to read emerging literature amounts to another part-time job. But managed IT specialists engage in these and other efforts to remain current and prevent hacks. Deterring cybercriminals requires a team of knowledgeable professionals to keep your employees informed about hacker schemes and implement strategies to defend and respond when necessary. In-house IT staff members already have their hands full.

Trusted Managed IT Services in Calgary

There are wide-reaching benefits that can be expanded on concerning answering the “why” question. But as a business leader with specialized needs, these can be covered in detail during an initial consultation. At Pure IT, we have a long-standing reputation for trusted and reliable managed IT services in Calgary. Contact Pure IT to schedule a consultation.

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