Calgary Businesses And Windows 11

Microsoft Windows remains one of the widely used operating systems globally, with over 1.5 billion active users. Since the first Windows software inception in 1985, the tech giant has enjoyed a significant increase in OS users, mainly because of its consistent software improvements. In 2011, Microsoft released a newer Windows version, Windows 10, with enhanced features than its predecessors, Windows 8 and 8.1. Almost six years later, a new OS version surfaced with advanced features and a unique user interface (UI): Windows 11.

Windows 11 is Microsoft‘s latest OS, intended to deliver several updates and new features, such as better PC gaming experiences, a simple design and an all-new Microsoft Store. Although it is designed for personal and business use, organizations can achieve more from this newest OS from Microsoft. This post provides insights into Windows 11 for Calgary businesses.

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What Is Windows 11?

Windows 11 is the freshest operating system from Microsoft and a successor to Windows 10. It is the major release across all Microsoft versions with an all-new simplified and modernized interface designed to promote productivity and creativity. According to Microsoft, Windows 11 features several improvements to its predecessors besides including new features. Generally, Microsoft Windows 11 is an upgrade to Windows 10 but with more features and enhanced UI.

Microsoft released Windows 11 as a software update to Windows 10, where users can use the new OS as an update rather than downloading and installing an ISO file. However, Microsoft released a Windows 11 ISO file in August 2021, allowing individuals and businesses running other operating systems to download and install the OS. Unlike most previous Microsoft operating systems, Windows 11 comes with a PC health function that allows users to learn how efficient, effective and secure the new OS is.

Besides, users have a grace period of 10 days to revert to their previous operating systems if they find Windows 11 unsuitable or unideal for their operations. This enables them to test the new OS and determine if it is worth keeping, since it is unique to Windows 10 in many ways.

Windows 11 System Requirements

If you plan to upgrade your current operating system to Windows 11 in your organization, you may require particular hardware and software changes to incorporate the OS more efficiently. With that, here are the minimum Windows 11 system requirements to consider.

  • 4 GB RAM
  • 64 GB ROM/storage
  • 1 GHz processor or faster, preferably 2-core on a 64-bit processor
  • 9-inch or larger display with 720p screen resolution or higher
  • GPU compatible with DirectX 12
  • Reliable internet connection
  • UEFI BIOS with secure boot

Unique Features of Windows 11

A New MacOS-Like Design

Unlike Windows 10 and other previous Microsoft OS versions, Windows 11 features a unique, streamlined layout resembling macOS. It has the main taskbar, including the app dock, with each window tab having curved edges for a more stylish design. Windows 11 also includes a new personalized feed with widgets, allowing users to add weather and calendar on a pop-up basis. Pressing the Windows key allows you to access ‘Recommended’ apps to pick up from the latest activities or recently used applications.

Integrated Chat Microsoft Teams

Windows 11 comes with Microsoft Team integrated into the taskbar to ensure swift messaging and video calling integration. This makes it easier to chat, or video call co-workers, clients, friends and family from any device, since personal contacts move with you. Besides, using Windows 11 allows you to message even people without Teams app via two-way SMS.

Enhanced Multitasking Features

Windows 10 has some multitasking functions, but Microsoft has increased these features in its latest OS. Snap Layout offers users more customization capabilities to organize multiple apps on the screen simultaneously. There is a function to group Snap Layouts to and switch to other applications without affecting the deftly curated layout. If you utilize your work computer for other personal files, like photos, Windows 11 allows you to create two or more desktops separately. This facilitates the grouping of documents or files, letting you separate work from personal files.

Other unique features of Windows 11:

  • Integrated Android apps
  • Better virtual desktop support
  • Seamless transition from desktop to laptop
  • Reorganized Microsoft Store

Business Benefits of Windows 11

Microsoft designed Windows 11 as a productive OS designed for both business and personal use. However, an organization can achieve more using Windows 11 since it is designed to facilitate various processes in today’s modern world. With that, here are the critical benefits of Windows 11 for your fast-growing business.

  • Ideal for hybrid work: Windows 11 is perfect for modern businesses embracing remote and hybrid work. Generally, Microsoft designed this new OS to meet business needs for hybrid work and remote working.
  • Promotes productivity: With a simplified and streamlined UI, Windows 11 allows organizations to reduce employee cognitive load, becoming more productive with well-organized Snap Layout and Snap Group.
  • Easier collaboration: Microsoft Teams integration allows employees and clients to engage in effective online meetings hassle-free. Besides, you can share, mute and unmute meetings right from the taskbar, promoting collaboration.
  • Consistent with existing IT infrastructure: Windows 11 easily integrates with different hardware and software. Thus, businesses can quickly integrate Microsoft’s newest OS into their existing infrastructure and enjoy the benefits Windows 11 brings. Also, it comes with App Assure to resolve any application compatibility issues.
  • Secure: According to Microsoft, Windows 11 accompanies numerous security features, allowing businesses to protect sensitive data against breaches and possible attacks. The OS comes with a Zero Trust featuring numerous built-in securities, encryption, malware protection and hardware-based isolation.

Windows 11 Services For Calgary Businesses

Microsoft Windows 11 is the new era of Windows with a significant impact on today’s business environment of hybrid work. With advanced features, multitasking capabilities, streamlined UI and macOS-like layout, it remains the best version of Microsoft since the inception of operating systems. For businesses in Calgary, integrating Windows 11 into existing IT systems can be beneficial.

At Pure I.T., we are the leading IT support in Calgary, offering solutions to businesses struggling with their IT departments, internally or externally. For more information regarding Microsoft Windows 11 or if you need help with professional IT services, contact us today!

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