Get the Most Comprehensive SonicWall Support in Calgary

Cloud computing and other innovative solutions have eased business processes for many firms. But, the same convenience has also opened up IT systems to security threats. This elevated the need for the best networking and data protection.

Firewalls come as the best solution to such security threats. They act as an effective barrier against attacks to your company’s servers and systems architecture. With such protection, your employees can access the internet without compromising your digital and IT systems to malicious cyber-attacks.%

SonicWALL technologies provide such solutions to many small and medium-sized companies in Calgary. Therefore, you should defiantly opt for these products if you’re concerned about your systems’ security.

But, knowing where to start might be challenging. So let’s begin by answering the following questions.

The Most Comprehensive SonicWall Support in Calgary

What Solutions Do SonicWall Technologies Offer?

SonicWall has a variety of reliable security solutions to protect your critical infrastructure and digital assets of malware and other threats. Their scope covers all kinds of business. It doesn’t matter if your organization is small, mid-sized, a large multinational, or a consultancy firm.

Their products fall under the following classifications:

  • WAN Acceleration
  • Network Security Virtual Firewalls
  • VPN Setup
  • Legacy Products
  • Wireless Network Security
  • System management

And, many more solutions that enhance your network security and compliance.

Related Products and SonicWall Support in Calgary

This brand has so many products that choosing the best one for your unique situation. Fortunately, you can consult a firm for practical SonicWall support in Calgary. Here are a few of their products that they can benefit your organization:

  • TZ Series: for Unified Threat Management (UTM): This line of products is ideal for businesses that require enterprise-grade protection for their networking systems. This series of firewalls ensure enhanced protection for all security concerns. It covers URL filtering, cloud-based anti-malware, control over applications, and much more.
  • WXA Series: for WAN Acceleration: This series is ideal for small and mid-sized companies that have offices in remote areas. These products greatly enhance network performance by countering latency in WAN applications. This helps conserve bandwidth by transmitting only new updates to new connections across your network.
  • WAF Series: Firewall for all Your Web Applications: SonicWall’s WAF series of products ensure protection for web applications that run on any type of cloud solution. It provides tools that secure compliance data ensuring undisrupted network performance.
  • NSv Series: for Virtual Security Network: The NSv series of products nullifies all security threats to hybrid cloud networks. They automatically detect and dispense with breaches and suspicious elements in your system. It’s easy to deploy to your virtual data machines. This also reduces bandwidth consumption by giving you more measures over access and control.

What Are The Benefits of SonicWall Products?

These days anti-virus and other countermeasures have eliminated most threats posed by cyber-attacks. As a result, malicious cyber attackers and programs prey on the vulnerabilities in your system architecture. SonicWall’s range of products can be the first line of defense against such elements.

Here are a few benefits of SonicWall products:

  • Comprehensive Protection: Conventional tools can fail to detect some of the latest and sophisticated threats to your system. Some of these threats include ransomware, phishing scams, as well as crippling denial of service attacks. SonicWall firewalls offer proactive hardware and software measures against these threats.
  • Enhanced Network Performance: SonicWall proactive solutions also ensure that your network speed remains constant. They also enhance your broadband speed by eliminating the bottlenecks created by software and hardware applications that transmit massive amounts of data.
  • Cloud-Based Security: Businesses all around the world are switching to virtual machines and cloud services for a host of benefits. So, it makes sense to consider the security of your essential data and applications. SonicWall technologies have various products and software that can protect your system as you make such a bold step.
  • Scalable Preventive Measures: SonicWall has a wide range of solutions that fit the needs of any type of organization. They deliver excellent results and can meet your needs even as your organization expands or ventures into new territories.

Pure IT: Your #1 SonicWall Support in Calgary

SonicWall’s product list is so extensive that you wouldn’t know where to start. Such products range from freeware to enterprise-level. So, your company would save a lot of time and effort by consulting an expert.

Fortunately, Pure IT has a team that’s specialized in such matters. We have helped many companies through consultation, cost-benefit analysis, all the way to installation, monitoring, and regular maintenance.

We have a skilled and highly qualified team of IT professionals. We’ve worked for many companies in diverse fields, consistently providing comprehensive SonicWall support in Calgary. So, we have all the answers your company seeks.

Reach out to one of our experts today at 403-444-1800 for your free consultation. Alternatively, you can email us at

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