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You might have a sound cybersecurity solution in place for the time being, but what happens when hackers become more sophisticated? What happens when cyberthreats evolve over time, and the network security you have doesn’t change with them? If you’re stuck with a stagnant, outdated cybersecurity solution, you might very well be at risk for a host of threats and attacks from external sources. Pure IT specializes in a host of high-end services that protect your network, critical infrastructure, and sensitive data, and scales up accordingly as new threats emerge. Whether it’s through our in-depth network security assessments or other risk management tools, Pure IT is primed to help you avoid costly fixes, copious downtime, and other unforeseen threats that could otherwise jeopardize your productivity. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the more relevant examples of cyberattacks that we’ve seen our customers face from time-to-time.

Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are a kind of social engineering attack where the hacker creates a falsified email, text, or website to trick a user into granting previously unauthorized access to their computer system. This might be anything from passwords to credit card information, and can spell disaster for your network if you don’t know how to identify one.

IoT-Based Attacks

Using smart devices to work remotely and remain connected with your team is a critical part of increasing efficiency. Maintaining a uniform level of performance across your entire wireless network is always the goal, but neglecting to secure your mobile devices can allow hackers remote access if you’re not careful with how your protect your sensitive information.


Ransomware attacks involve a hacker infecting a user’s entire system with a single piece of malware that encrypts all of their data. From there, a hacker will demand a ransom, or compromise your data and remove it from your network for good. A strong perimeter security (specifically firewalls) can prevent malware from being uploaded to your system. Another good way to combat loss from ransomware is a comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plan. This allows you the freedom to avoid paying the ransom, while still retaining business-critical information. Backup and recovery solutions give you the chance to minimize downtime with little hassle.

Internal Attacks

Are you protecting yourself, from yourself? This might seem like a backwards question, but your employees are the ones who have the most access to your network. Cyberattacks and data breaches can often come from within your internal network—they know your hardware and software well enough to do some serious damage. It might not always be intentional; but your employees might very well be the one thing standing between you and a reliable cybersecurity solution. Make sure that you have policies in place that restrict privilege for various areas. Another good service to utilize from Pure IT is security awareness training. We make sure that your entire team is well-versed on everything that they need to know to keep your network safe and secure.

The unfortunate reality is that every business faces the threat of cybercrime with every day and every device. Here at Pure IT, our team will work with you to determine the best way to defend your infrastructure and ensure your recovery in the case of an attack. To learn more about the vulnerabilities in your current system and our recommendations for your ongoing cybersecurity, contact us today!

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